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It's Time for healthy forgiveness !

It’s time to step up: Deal with the guilt, shame, and crappy self worth; you are not a victim, unless you decide that’s what you are.
Start by making the decision to forgive yourself, and while you’re at it consider all the people you need to forgive because that’s not adding anything good to your resonance field either.

Do not believe all the crap you’ve been feed about forgiving everyone else first, that ‘forgiveness is a holy path’. Here’s why most of the people I’ve met who are preaching this kind of fertilizer are by enlarge emotionally shut down, full of buried resentment, topped off with a plastic smile.

That my friends is not, never will be, forgiveness.

I do agree that forgiveness can be a holy path, however, it needs to be ‘healthy forgiveness.’

Healthy Forgiveness has a very important level of accountability. In order to truly forgive we must first take full accountability for our part in whatever it was, (That doesn’t mean finding a new reason to beat the crap out of yourself) as well as seeing ‘their’ part in it.

Bottom line; not forgiving doesn’t help you or anyone else, but know this; healthy forgiveness has nothing to do with forgetting

There is no real forgiveness of another until we learn to forgive ourselves.
Carrying around all that guilt, shame and resentment is like carrying an anti abundance shield, so take my advice and dump it like a bad enchilada. It’s up to you, what I want you to know whether you believe it or not, whether you are experiencing it or not, this is an abundant universe. So drop your abundance shield, forgive yourself and decide what you need to do next. Or to put it another way:

Forgive and Let The Abundance Flow!

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