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Herbal bolus ( for women)

Herbal Bolus


Here is another excellent aid for the woman (or rectal bolus for the man) who have problems in the reproductive areas. Boluses are made with healing herbs that (1) draw out the toxins and poisons, (2) aid (with herbal foods) in making the malfunctioning area healthy, so that cysts, tumors, and cancerous conditions will not have waste material to survive on or live in, because they are all scavengers. Herbalists have found that they will release and will be dispersed. Herbalists have found that some will come out through the orifices and others disperse into the blood stream and will be eliminated if the program is followed faithfully. (3) The bolus spreads its herbal influences widely from the vagina or bowel through the entire urinary and genital organs. [HHH p.191]


These herbs are all in powder form. Coconut butter should be melted down so that it will mix well with the herb powder. Mix a small quantity of this powder, and wet to pie dough consistency with coconut butter (which can be purchased from the drug store, health food store, or herb shop). Next, roll this mass between hands until you have a pencil-like bolus approximately the size of the middle finger and about inch-long pieces. Harden in a refrigerator. Then these are to be inserted into the vagina much the same as suppositories would be. It will be necessary to wear a sanitary napkin in order to hold the bolus up in the vagina (or rectum). Insert upon retiring and leave in all night, six nights a week. The coconut butter melts at body temperature, leaving only the herbs, and these are easy to douche out. The following morning use the Slant Board Combination and Yellow Dock Combination. [HHH p.192]


squaw vine herbs
slippery elm bark
yellow dock root
comfrey root
marshmallow root
chickweed herb
golden seal root
mullein leaves


1. Cervical Cancer: A young Englishwoman named Claire suffered from multiple sclerosis so severely that she was confined to a wheelchair. She began to use the mucusless diet, and was miraculously healed and able to walk and work vigorously. Five women, each suffering from cervical cancer, diagnosed by doctors, came to Claire asking for help. Using nutrition and the V.B. therapy, four of the cases were completely cleared and one was in remission. [EWH p.16]

2. Spider Cancer: Sometimes it takes time and patience for these herbal aids to truly work. For example, a lady who had come to Dr. Christopher began the full routine as described above. A number of months later she began to think, "Look, I have been on that program for months now; I have taken the herbs orally; I've used the vaginal bolus V.B., including the yellow dock combination, and I am getting sick of this!" She felt somewhat better but didn't notice much change, so she was going to quit that day. That very morning she made the decision, as she was at home, sitting on the toilet. When she got up, she happened to turn around and glance into the bowl, and there was something about the size of a half dollar, with legs on it, swimming around in the water. This something had dropped out of her! She screamed, and her husband came in. They put it in a bottle and took it right over to the family doctor. He examined it under the microscope, and said he had never seen one of these whole like this, because they have to cut them out of a person. This was a spider cancer. They never give up and leave by themselves; usually they must be cut out. The doctor was amazed that it had come out of her. It had done so because her body was now so healthy that the spider cancer didn't have any waste materials to work on. When she saw that cancer, she vowed to continue the program, even if it took six months or years. Dr. Christopher reminded us that some people heal quickly, but sometimes it takes a long time. If we know we are on the right track, we should just continue. [EWH p.16]

3. Young Woman Able to Get Married: Dr. Christopher told story after story about sick women he helped with simple remedies, simple treatments. For example, a man and his wife brought their daughter to Dr. Christopher's office in Salt Lake. This young lady was the sickest, saddest-looking person he had seen in a long while. She had met a young man who came to love her very much, and he wanted to marry her. But she refused, saying it wasn't fair to him, being in her condition, so anemic and sickly. He told her that he loved her enough to marry her and take care of her under any circumstances.

She was in a very serious condition, so they put her on the three-day cleanse and mucusless diet. She took extra cups of Blood Stream Formula tea, and drank a minimum of one pint of grape juice a day, chewing each mouthful. When she could, she took even more. She also ate plenty of raisins and grapes in addition to the juice. She used the yellow dock as a tea, and soon she began to show improvement. She exercised adequately, being careful not to overdo it, and changed her diet from mucus-forming food to the mucusless diet, having lots of salads and fruits, emphasizing as much raw as possible. She used the female corrective Female Reproductive and hormone-estrogen formulas Hormonal Changease, and she also used the vaginal bolus V.B. and Yellow Dock Combination in the slant board routine. She showed improvement from the very beginning.

The parents had brought her to Dr. Christopher in the spring, and by fall they sent him an invitation to her wedding, because she had cleaned up her system and was very happy to get married. She was menstruating regularly and had gotten over her case of anemia. She was living a new life, healing it herself by following through on Dr. Christopher's instructions. [EWH p.111]

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