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Eggless non-French French toast

Eggless Non-French French Toast

Contributed by Sage A. from Homer, Alaska


* Bread (Homemade is preferred - thick cut for best results)
* Soymilk (about 1 cup milk works for about 6 pieces of bread)
* Cinnamon
* Nutmeg
* Your choice in syrup and fresh fruit


Start off with some soy milk and beat into a froth, add a few drops vanilla and a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg.

Warm up the skillet really well, use butter or cooking oil (coconut oil may work well for this).

Toss in your first piece of bread, soaking both sides without drenching it.

Toss onto prepared skillet and keep an eye on it - it will want to stick no matter how much butter is put down, just play with the sides of the bread to loosen it up and get more butter under it.

This was a fun recipe to come up with, as we've been trying to make eggs a thing of the past more and more and that's where the inspiration for this piece was born.




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