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Fruit shaker

Fruit Shaker


*3-4 lg. bananas
*1/4 piece of cantalope
*1/4 piece of rock melon
*5 oranges, juiced
*2 lemons, juiced
*3 mandarines or tangerines, juiced
*1 or 2 grapefruits, juiced
*2 apples
*2 pears
*1 or 2 kiwis
*2. Tbs. flaxseed oil
*2. Tbs. Pure oleo europaea olive oil
*Whatever other seasonal fruits that can be had


In a blender, add the the bananas, the melons and citrus juice, blend on high speed for a few moments. Add the apples and pears blend on high for a few more seconds,then put the kiwis in and the oils and mix till blended, gently with the oils so as not to damage the properties.


Serve with a side plate of L.S.A. (linseed sunflowers and Almonds). I've found this to be a wonderful drink and it tastes wildly wonderful!!

Have fun and enjoy.


This recipe was given to us by Gypsy from LA, Ca



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