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X-Ceptic first aid formula

First Aid Formula


This tincture is good for infection, both externally or internally. [HHH p.196]

An excellent formula for pyorrhea is X-ceptic. [EWH p.140]

For wounds with the chance of infection, apply X-ceptic. [EWH p.159]

The herbal antiseptic tincture X-Ceptic is a certain cure for sore throat pain, but only very brave souls can tolerate the taste. [NL 4-5]

A toothache can be devastating. We have used ... a few drops of the herbal antiseptic tincture X-Ceptic. Of all the temporary treatments, the herbal antiseptic tincture works best...We have had cases where the toothache was dispelled after one application. [NL 4-5]


Thrush: If your baby has thrush, which you can determine from white spots on the sides of the mouth, a white tongue, or soreness during nursing, you can try several remedies. Dip a Q-tip in X-ceptic and swab the area several times per day, then give raspberry tea in a bottle. [EWH p.94]


oak bark
golden seal root


X-Ceptic Keeps Cold Germs at Bay

Brent came home one day with a sore throat and a cough after being around his brother who had a cold. He took one dropperful of X-Ceptic, and the next day he went to work feeling fine. Every time he would do something with his brother, he would start to feel sick, so he would come home and take another dose of X-Ceptic. After two weeks of this, his brother finally asked what was going on. “Every day your throat gets scratchy and you start to cough,” he said, “but the next day you are perfectly fine. What is the deal?” Brent explained that he was taken an herbal formula called X-Ceptic to help combat infection. His brother had been taking over-the-counter medications, and had gone to see an allergist to get an antibiotic to take care of the sickness. He was sick for almost a month! All Brent had to do was take a few dropperfuls of X-Ceptic, and he stayed perfectly healthy! His brother said that maybe he should go get a bottle of X-Ceptic to keep on hand.

Clear Skin an Unexpected Side Effect

One morning I work up feeling absolutely horrible. I could tell I had some form of a cold/flu. As soon as I was able to manage getting up out of bed, I grabbed the bottle of X-Ceptic and started downing 1 dropperful every half an hour. The next morning I woke up feeling fine. I continued to take X-Ceptic for the next week, just for good measure. One day I realized that my skin had cleared up! I have been fighting with acne for years, using all kinds of different face washes and medications. And when I wasn't trying to do anything but get well enough to show up for work the next day, and I stumble into something that cleared my face up beautifully. Apparently, X-Ceptic works great to clear up bacterial infections causing acne. It's great to have something new to add to my acne fighting arsenal.

Useful in Treating:

* Acne
* Cuts
* Colds, Catarrh, Coryza, Influenza
* Gums
* Thrush



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