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Male urinary tract formula(prostate formula)

Male Urinary Tract
An Aid for the Prostate
Formerly Prospallate


1. In case of malfunction we suggest this combination to assist the male. This will dissolve the stones that are in the kidneys, as well as clean out other sedimentation and infection in the prostate. [HHH p.191]

2. To strengthen the reproductive system of the male take the Prostate Formula [Male Urinary Tract]. Both parents will benefit by the Hormone and Estrogen Formula [Hormonal Changease]. Both parents should begin these detoxification procedures before conception. [NL 2-5]

3. Gonorrhea: [NL 3-10]


Take two or more morning and night, with parsley tea when possible. [HHH p.191]


golden seal root
gravel root or queen of the meadow root
juniper berries
marshmallow root
parsley root or herb
uva ursi leaves
siberian ginseng root


Kidney and Prostate Problems: First, I want to thank you for making your herbs and combinations and knowledge available! My husband was suffering from kidney / prostate troubles and had gone to the urologist after the local P.A. was unable to help him. The urologist had him on a septra which made his health seem to improve for a couple of weeks--then he had the same symptoms all over again and a lot worse. So much so, he stayed home from work for four days, sleeping and very uncomfortable. When he went back to the urologist and had x-rays they weren't able to find anything, told him to go off the medicine and that the urologist felt he would just have to "live with it." He must of thought my husband was off upstairs or something, maybe.

So we went to the health food store for help. Through reading material and the lady there he started on distilled water and Kidney Formula and Male Urinary Tract. He is much better and has been able to do heavy work again. Thank you greatly. [NL 3-4]

Useful in Treating:

* Gonorrhea
* Infertility
* Kidney
* Pregnancy
* Prostate



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