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Stomach confort- infant health formula

Stomach Comfort
Infant Health Formula
Formerly Catnip & Fennel


A blessing for infants. A fine combination for colic, biliousness, flatulence, spasms, etc.
The catnip and fennel tincture works wonders in a colicky baby, and it is so mild that you can feel confident in giving it as needed. If you are uncomfortable with the alcohol content, drop the dose into a spoonful of boiled water and let the alcohol evaporate; then give the dose by spoon. In ten minutes or so the cramping should cease and the baby should cheer up.

Catnip and fennel extract massaged into the gums help take off the edge.


Use a few drops, or as much as needed, when desired.


Catnip herb
fennel seed
grain alcohol base


J.H. of San Antonio, Texas says Kid-e-Col is wonderful. "Best Colic remedy around." [D. Christopher]

Useful in Treating:

* Colic
* Flatulence
* Spasms



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