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Prenatal formula

Pre-Natal Tea
Prenatal Formula


Using this tea (or two or three capsules) morning and evening is an aid in giving elasticity to the pelvic and vaginal area and strengthening the reproductive organs for easier delivery. Should be used only in the last six weeks before time of birth. [EWH p.11]


Using this tea (or two or three capsules) morning and evening. Should be used only in the last six weeks before time of birth. [HHH p.193]


Squaw vine
holy thistle
black cohosh
false unicorn
raspberry leaves


1. Much Easier Second Delivery: We have had, just recently, a report come to us about a young mother-to-be for the second time who had never heard of the "pre-natal combination" [Pre-Natal Tea] and her previous labor was very severe (lasted around 30 hours). After she became pregnant the second time she heard about this pre-natal combination, so got some, used it the last week before delivery, and cut the labor time down to about four hours. She just recently had her third baby with a very short labor and more ease than she had dreamed possible, after using the pre-natal formula for the last six weeks. Many people believe the change from difficult to easy delivery results from using red raspberry leaf tea (and squaw vine tea) throughout the nine months of pregnancy and using the pre-natal combination during the last six weeks. Of course, one of the main reasons one can have a healthy baby is when the mother is faithful with the mucusless diet and the three-day cleanse. This cleanse should be used at least once each month during pregnancy as well as later (during the time of lactation). [EWH p.11]

2. Breech Baby Turns: A naturopathic physician told this story at one of Dr. Christopher's lectures. He had had a patient for three pregnancies. Two times she had carried the baby breech, and the doctors had taken them Caesarean. The third time, she happened to be carrying the baby breech, the same pattern as before, and she expected she would have to be operated on again. She began to take Dr. Christopher's pre-natal formula [Pre-Natal Tea] and began to assure herself that the baby would be born normally. The doctor said that it was impossible; no matter how good the formula is, it cannot work. When labor began, the baby was still in the breech position. The doctor said to put the lady on the table to prepare to operate, but she said, "No, when it's ready to come, it will turn and come out right." The doctor said, "That's ridiculous!" He had put on one rubber glove; the lady screamed, "Here it comes!" Before the doctor got the other rubber glove on, the baby came, head first, having previously flipped over. He had to catch it with one hand while the nurse was putting on the other glove. The doctor confided to this naturopath that he thought this could never happen. But with the use of the prenatal tea the baby came out normal. [EWH p.77]

Useful in helping with:

* Pregnancy



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