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Emotional clarity formula

Emotional Clarity Herbal Formula

MindTrac is an Alternative to drugs for:


MindTrac will benefit:


Take Control of Your Mind

MindTrac™ contains properties similar to its drug counterparts without harmful chemicals.

Psychiatric drugs are far more dangerous to take than people realize. They have negative side effects including addiction, and they can produce withdrawal symptoms that are emotionally and physically distressing or even life-threatening. The herbs in MindTrac are formulated to support and heal the body naturally in response to stress. Drugs are used to treat the symptoms, NOT to cure the problem.


Science continues to show that the mind and the body are connected. Stress creates biochemicals which circulate along with the blood. Because the liver is already burdened by pollutants, these "stressful" by-products are less likely to be eliminated quickly. To reduce the burden on the liver, MindTrac contains three herbs - Sarsaparilla, Dandelion and Oregon Grape Root - to cleanse the blood and to stimulate liver detoxification.


A food base of Jurassic Green (flash dried Alfalfa, Barley, and Kamut) supplies the body with essential vitamins and minerals in an all natural form. B vitamins, Chlorophyll, Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium help regulate nerve transmission and muscle response.


St. John's Wort has been proven in scientific studies to mimic the effects of antidepressant drugs. It is so effective that we strongly advise against combining this herb with any antidepressant drug. To transition safely from prescription medicine to natural healing, check out our product called Liver Formula™.
MindTrac contains two additional stimulants, Gotu Kola and Gingko Biloba, to synergize the St. John's Wort herb! By improving the blood flow and oxygen circulation to the head, these herbs have been used traditionally to improve memory, nerve response and mental alertness.


Scullcap and Valerian root are both nervine sedatives and antispasmodics. Besides their calming nature on the nerves and muscles, these herbs promote regular and restful sleep. Mullein and Lobelia are antispasmodics as well as cleansers. They help cleanse the blood by assisting the lymph and the glandular systems.


Take 2 capsules three times a day as a tonic dose or as needed. Children: 1/2 - 2/3 of adult dosage or Kid-e-Bright.


Valerian Root
Ginkgo Biloba
Oregon Grape Root
St. John's Wort
Gotu Kola
Jurrasic Green

There are serious consequences to using or discontinuing prescription drugs. Withdrawal from psychiatric drugs should be done slowly and only with professional guidance.

Testimonials on MindTrac® & ProTrac®:

1. "I've been carrying ProTrac® in the Herb Shop for a year. This is a wonderful product! It's packed full of herbs for nutrition and calming. It has helped one lady's hyperactivity, a man with sever temperamental mood swings, and a customer to quit substance addiction. We call this our Herbal Prozac®. Thank you very much for ProTrac®." -T. Dawber, Charlotte Harbor, FL.

2. "I have an 8 year old child with Down's Syndrome who is very hyperactive. After only one week of taking ProTrac®, he is noticeably calmer and much more attentive than before. We are so happy and we are telling friends and family about ProTrac®." -Name Withheld, TX.

3. "After being diagnosed with Clinical Depression, I spent 1 1/2 years on antidepressant medication. It basically ruined my health and relationships with other people. After deciding the medication was the cause, I quit the drugs and began the healing process. I started taking ProTrac® and it really helped me. My mind cleared up. I started sleeping at night, and best of all, I feel like my normal self again." -B Pearson, UT.

4. A worried mother of a hyperactive 9 year old boy tried ProTrac® instead of Ritalin® as the doctor suggested. She could not believe that in only three days he was calmer, more relaxed, and able to focus on daily activities. He's even sleeping better! She is ecstatic to see his old personallity return after two years of turmoil, and is introducing ProTrac® to her friends. -Delightful Foods Inc., Canada



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