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Water made "holy" by our own thoughts and feelings!-Scientific proofs

Study proves the effects of Dr. Emoto's studies

International Hado Membership News Letter Vol.3

Hado Creates words
Words are vibrations of nature
Therefore beautiful words create beautiful nature
Ugly words creates ugly nature
This is the root of universe

By Masaru Emoto

- Exiting news!!-

Dr. Emoto, Dean Radin of the Noetic Sciences Institute, Gail Hayssen, and Takashige Kizu have published a very important study in a peer-reviewed journal. Not only was it submitted but it was accepted. It was called: Double-Blind Test of the Effects of Distant Intention on Water Crystal Formation and was published in Explore Journal 2006;2:408-411.

The study (Link below) is on the effect of sending positive intention over a large distance, to water stored in a steel and electromagnetically sealed room. The researchers including Dr. Emoto and Dean Radin then looked at the effects on the water crystal formation of the water. The water was 2 samples: one which received the positive intention and one which did not. Neither of the researchers doing the analysis knew which sample was treated or untreated by intention. This is the double-blind part of the study. They then photographed both groups of water for water crystal formation. The water crystals were then shown to a group of 100 independent judges who rated how aesthetically pleasing the crystals were.

The study showed that the water that had positive intention sent to it over a large distance displayed crystals that were judged to have been more aesthetically pleasing than the water that did not have positive intentions sent to it. The difference between these two samples of water was large. A mean of 2.87 vs. 1.88. The statistical probability was equal to 0.001. This means that the result was not by chance, not by a long shot.

Finally, we have a hard scientific study that proves what Dr. Emoto has been saying for some time, that our intentions can affect and change water. The change of water due to positive intention is displayed as beautiful water crystals.

Please enjoy this article.

View PDF of the article of blind test at Noetic Science http://www.noetic.org/

"Walk on Water"
Dialogue of Resonance
Dr. Leonard Horowitz
vs Dr. Masaru Emoto



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