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Protocols for vaccines approval are ILEGAL

Protocols for vaccine approval

12 Jan 2010

It needs to be understood that the protocol for deciding a vaccine is 'safe' is different from the

protocols of deciding a vaccine is 'unsafe'.

'Clinical', and I repeat 'clinical' trials are undertaken for any vaccine proposed for administration to

the general public. Clinical trials means that the vaccine is administered to a number of people

and the side-effects are documented. If the side-effects are considered to be within the

acceptable limit, the drug or vaccine is approved for general use.

In the case of severe reactions or even death from a drug or vaccine, one could say that under

the protocol of clinical results, the SIDE-EFFECTS were shown to be UNACCEPTABLE.

However this protocol is not accepted by the medical authorities. The medical authorities require

it to be 'scientifically' proven that the vaccine caused the person's demise.

Nobody can ʻscientificallyʼ prove a vaccine caused a certain reaction or even death, just the same

as nobody can 'scientifically', prove that a drug or vaccine is safe.

Even though compensation is often paid out when large amounts of adverse reactions to a

vaccine or drug are documented, it is only in cases like 'thalidomide' where the evidence is so

overwhelming that the drug companies were forced to take responsibility and admit the drug was

the cause.

We need to demand that an inquiry be made into these discrepancies in the medical system.

Brian Dodds

Medical researcher and author of the book

FULL REGENERATION: The Ultimate Health Journey



Why The Swine Flu Vaccine and Vaccines Are illegal Under International Law (4 page PDF)




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