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Treat Mercury from vaccines with energy-medicine


Tuesday, 05 January 2010 11:43

The strain that mercury from vaccines and dental fillings put on our bodies can now be detected and alleviated by innovative computer-based energy devices, some of which have already been approved for use in the USA and Europe.

These devices can not only detect the mercury that other methods fail to find, but they can also help counter its toxic effects.

Ulla Danielson looks at the usefulness of energy medicine in treating mercury toxicity and finds out how the methods works in an interview with Dr Helge Volkmann.



By Ulla Danielsen

From a young age, Danish medical doctor Helge Volkmann has explored alternative medicine to better understand its potential for patients. In the meantime, he is now occupied full-time with energy medicine.

This is a method of detecting and treating imbalances in the human body by connecting the patient with a computer and measuring the frequencies of a patient.

„When you work with frequencies, you measure the information that cells emit,“ explains Helge Volkmann, who is in his early fifties.

He works with three very different systems all based on computer technology. Though the equipment was quite expensive Helge Volkmann believes the money has been well spend.

„It is a very interesting approach and there are some very surprising results“, says Helge Volkmann, who has his clinic in the center of the Danish village Store Heddinge, an hour drive from Copenhagen.

Among other things the method has turned out to have advantages when it comes to motivating his patients to improve their livestyles.

„I can tell my patients what burdens there are on their body, and that turns out to be a very good way to convince them when something has to be changed,“ says Helge Volkmann.


The three maschines that he has learned to use are a French body scanning system, a Russian cell scanning system and an American treatment system.

„I detect imbalances with the French and Russian systems. This helps me to identify where treatment needs to be applied with the American system,“ explains Helge Volkmann when I meet him to talk about what energy medicine is.

When you meet Helge Volkmann face to face, the impression is of a friendly medical doctor with a calm and balanced temper. He is also curious in a positive way, driven as he is by an interest in what will benefit his patients. That is the impression he gives.

According to Helge Volkmann, energy medicine, like all other kinds of treatment, is a method with limitations.

You cannot repair something, which have broken down, for instance a joint which has been completely ruined by rheumatism, but apart from that, is it in principle possible to recreate the normal functioning of tissue with information treatment, says Helge Volkmann.



Simply put, energy medicine involves measuring the information that the cells of the body radiates. It focusses on the electromagnetic conditions in the cell membranes.

With energy medicine, a medical doctor can measure, whether the patient is fully supplied with the vitamins and minerals that particular person needs or whether the patient is lacking in nutritients.

The equipment can also measure ph-values, acids and alkalines in the body just as it can register to what degree the patient subjectively feels relaxed and comfortable.

Every change in a person’s psychological states brings with it a change in the energy load of cells.

This can be measured and afterwards and impulses can be sent into the body that correct the impulses and removes the unbalances, says Helge Volkmann.

He considers energy medicine to be an holistic from of treatment.

However certain strains are repeatedly observed in a majority of patients when the medical doctor uses his equipment to detect imbalances.

According to Helge Volkmann the most problematic strains are pollen, gluten and milk intolerance, mercury and other heavy metals and finally estrogenic active substances as for example plastic.


Energy medicine is a method which can be used for diagnosing and in treating people with imbalances.

In simple terms, the system functions by sending electromagnetic frequencies into the body and receiving them back into the device, which is emitting the frequencies.

Passing through the body, the frequencies will change depending on what resistence they come across, and it is this principle which can be used to balance the body.

100 years ago energy medicine was an evolving research avenue inside medical science, but the method was suppressed by chemical research used for the development of pharmaceutical products and particularly in the western world energy medicine ended up on a sidetrack.

However when the computer emerged, ist technology enabled a true renaissance for energymedicine.

Computers make research easier to manage and the results became more precise.

Today there are about 40 different computer-based energy medicine apparatuses on the market. Some of them are approved for medical treatment.

In the former east european countries – as opposed to the West – there has been a tradition to treat of illnesses in this way, and east European medical doctors are very experienced in treating with energy medicine.


When a patient is checked with this equipment, the person has to remove their shoes and socks etc. The naked feet are placed on a plate of metal on the floor. Hands, laid out flat, are also placed on a plate of metal.

The system, which is connected to a computer, sends an electric pulse into the body, which is then caught by electrodes. Those electrodes lead the electric pulses back into the system.

When an electric pulse is passed into the body, the energy medical equipment can find out about the status quo of organs and tissues.

The explanation is that the electric pulses change while running through the body dependent on the electromagnetic relationships in the cell membranes. The medical doctor also gets very precise information about how the patient feels at ease from a subjective point of view.

During an examination, a lot of different pulses are send into the body. The treatment consists in sending a reversed frequence into the body where an imbalance has been identified.

If patient is, for instance, under strain from a heavy metal then the medical doctor sends a reversed frequence into the body targeting the heavy metal in question. An infinite amount of frequencies have been programmed in advance into the computer.



It is common knowledge, that the mercury burden can be measured in saliva, hair, skin, urine and faeces. If you cannot detect mercury in these places, the patient will normally be informed that mercury plays no part in his or her pathological picture.

But according to Helge Volkmann that description of reality is incomplete.

„It is my conviction, that with information technology you also catch the mercury bound in the body, which will remain hidden, when tested in other ways,“ says Helge Volkmann.

The mercury may be hidden at the first measurement, but when the computer-based energy medical equipment has activated the cells, it will appear, and according to Helge Volkmann, you can particularly often measure mercury in the nervous system.

When Helge Volkmann finds, that a patient’s body is strained by mercury, he sends a reversed mercury frequence into the body.

Simultanously he uses the equipment to strenghten the patient’s detoxing organs.

Then you can measure how levels of mercury slowly level out, he explains.

According to Helge Volkmann, mercury is always playing a role in the pathological picture when the treatment of a patient is particularly recalcitrant.



Some of the energy medical equipment on the market has been approved for medical use in line with, for instance, equipment for measuring blood pressure.

The so-called CE2A-approval is particularly important in the EU, but the American medical Board, FDA has also approved certain types of energymedical equipment.

The technology builds on well known physical and chemical processes in the body and is based on a broad field of research. Particularly at hospitals in the eastern part of Europe energy medical technology has been used extensively.

Dr Helge Volkmann hopes that one day comparative studies will be performed.

It would be interesting to find out, what actually happens when you treat a mercury burden. Why do the levels drop? Is it possible to see it together with other methods for measuring a patient’s improvement, says Helge Volkmann.

He estimates, that research in this area will lead to a better understanding of what mechanisms are activated when information technology is used to detoxicate the patient for mercury.

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