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Doctors need to become healers

(NaturalNews) How can a medical doctor help you health wise? They are not healers. They are symptom treaters. They lack the pertinent knowledge because the medical schools do not teach nutrition or the natural reactions of the biological process of the human body. It is quite the paradox that our learned physicians also die of the same illnesses, sicknesses, and diseases they attempt to cure.

If you are afflicted with a major disease, employing a medical doctor for treatment is like playing "Russian Roulette", in that you will probably lose your life. Most physicians only guess at what the proper remedy might be for the symptoms they so erroneously diagnose. The wrong diagnosis, the wrong medical application and you are dead. The old fashioned "witch-doctors" were decidedly more knowledgeable about the natural biological process of the human body than our modern medical practitioners.

Most medical doctors today are "specialists"; they regard a human being as a chemical-physical coherent mass of miscellaneous separate parts and fail to accept disease as a disturbance of the entire organism, or treat it as such. Most American medical doctors trust and depend exclusively on physical-chemical science (chemical-drug therapy) for their own survival in the black art of malpractice, in the treatment of their patients. Because of the failure of the American medical community to recognize natural methods in disease prevention, healthy body maintenance and elimination of disease, America has experienced and overwhelming increase in chronic degenerative diseases.

Any thinking layman without the benefit of medical school instruction can understand why chemical substances will never adequately and harmlessly replace the natural biological processes of the human body. Nutrition and the treatment of the total human organism reject the idea that chemical substances can substitute for natural biological process. Bodily disturbances can only be corrected within the organism itself by its own natural biological processes.

People, you are wasting your time, energy and patience by not turning to natural methods. Tune into "Mother Nature". Chemical drugs can only give temporary relief to symptoms. The prolonged use of poisonous, synthetic, chemical drugs will only damage the body's chemistry balance to the point of total disaster. Proper nutrition, biological medicine and naturopathic methods of treating the human body must, of a necessity, replace today's conventional medical therapy if the afflicted are to become well and stay well.

Biological medicine and nutrition are not in conflict with conventional medicine. The two are worlds apart. They are absolutely diverse therapies and two different approaches in the treatment of illness, sickness and disease.

The American people have been deviously, systematically and consistently "brainwashed" into accepting the established dogma of orthodox medicine. By the habit of acceptance of pseudo-authority, we have formed erroneous preconceived ideas about most natural methods of treatment of illness, sickness and disease not promulgated by the American Medical Profession. So, millions of Americans will continue to suffer and die needlessly from the malpractice of misguided, but sincere, apprentice physicians.

Medical doctors should be sent back to school to learn natural methods. Malnutrition, poor elimination and enervation are three of the greatest offenders. Medical doctors should learn these simple truths. The only limitation of biological medicine and proper nutrition is the body's own restorative capacities. Can orthodox medicine make this claim? Of course not. In most cases, where damage to the human body by the prolonged use of chemical drugs is extensive to the point of permanent impairment of the body's own healing mechanism, even biological medicine and nutrition are of little help.


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