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The great emergence

The Great Emergence
Emotive Social Evolution
Saturn in Virgo

Saturn in Leo, the Challenger is roaring to a climax of righteousness this summer. It will stir up insecurities and undermine structures on a multitude of levels, like roots of trees breaking up paving stones from underneath. Things are coming to a head on the approach to a 9,000 year pinnacle life cycle of enslavement, control, domination and oppression. Saturn moves into Virgo on the 2nd of September for the first time in 29.5 years. The influence of this new transit will take us through a state of emergency leading up to July 2010. Saturn is the voice of conscience, planet of responsibility and limitation, it represents karmic universal justice of cause and effect, it is the teacher that pokes and prods the shadows and comfort zones. So what does the Black Madonna have in store for us?

This particular time period will bring forth the combination of the inner and outer teacher in a far more extreme and critical way, people will not be able to runaway or escape the presence and impact of the environment and global events, nor will people be able to deny their own issues any longer; the shadows of the root causes within are being forced through the surface of illusion and superficiality, the core issues created by the root cause of emotional chaos is emanating across the land.

This is a 999 SOS call; a state of emergency arises as humanity receives the bills for its social debt of disharmony, selfishness, materialism, lack of human rights and justice for women, children and the underprivileged. Enslavement by religious orthodoxy, corrupt leaders, the deeds and choices of the past catch up with humanity. People will feel desperate to find the lever that can get humanity out of the mire of its own creation. How, different countries and people will emerge from this will depend upon free will and the choices being made by every individual. The winds of change that brings more violence and civil war or enlightened change that returns people to real universal values, equality and working together in unity for the good of all. People will be restricted by past thoughts, words and deeds, lack of co-operation in helping the feminine to give birth to the new reality. Those that have been the most critical of evolutionary change or have tried to block new paradigms and new realities will find their own limitations hit them where it hurts, it is their karma. This will be specifically self evident to the religions, academia, science or anyone associated with health that has a fixed and rigid belief system. The more people hold firm to rigid beliefs that keep people stuck in the past, the harder this transit will be for them. There will be more breakthroughs in new science, new biology and new physics, and the impact of thoughts, words and deeds on the unborn child and its genetics. The scientific evidence will strike the very foundations of health education and religious belief. The religious rites of abuse and mutilation of children will receive a heavy blow. It will also bring to the fore the sheer impact of the extent that the work environment has on the health of people and children.

Saturn will ensure that companies, organisations and religion are brought to account for the co-creation of ill health and disease created by work, products, services and beliefs. The relationship between work, beliefs and health will be paramount in the minds and hearts of the people. This is a time when some will downsize and choose quality of life, healing, nurturing self and traditional family values over materialism. The desire for well-being and concise solutions to global problems is the order of the day. The size of social debt will create the equivalent of a post-natal depression for those that have not built new foundations based on love during the previous Saturn transits. The greedy, selfish and superficial will suffer the most from rising interest rates and a deep recession that will impact on existing structures that are being forced to change. Corporate structures and companies that have not changed with the times will come under severe pressure and criticism. Those that put profits and personal gain before the well being of staff and customers will experience the greatest losses, attitudes of the people are changing, motivations are changing.

Imposed restrictions whether from telecommunications, technology, banks, police, politicians and the rest of the public and service industries will experience the greatest upheavals. As the birth pains of the Aquarian Age intensifies, the old ways and lack of transparency and integrity will come under intense scrutiny during this transit, Sadly, due to a lack of ethics, integrity and co-operation in relationship with staff, neighbours and communities; humanity have chosen to learn the hard way and the knocks will be severe. The focus of this transit is going to highlight the huge adjustments that must be made to achieve balance, harmony and an improved relationship with each other and the natural world. We will witness the academics, scholars and philosopher’s coming to the fore to assist emotive social evolution and the emergence of energising people to innovate positive change. Serious bloggers will focus on the real issues that plague humanity, the information war continues sorting the wheat from the chafe, setting high standards and exploring practical solutions to the problems that the world faces.

This transit sounds harsh but the outcome will be positive, a powerful grass roots movement will emerge. Imagine the soil being turned over and all the weeds being pulled up so that the flowers are not strangled anymore. Virgo is the symbol of the Virgin, a symbol of purity and fertility. The movers and shakers will be women and men that embrace feminine principles, they will fertilise the soil and be the farmers that plant new seeds. Many more women will lead and the relationships with children will become an absolute priority in education, health, family and workplace. When spiritual philosophy based on sound scientific principles is embraced, the more the old regimes and world religions will shrivel and die like weeds. The prophecies of the end times are coming to be.

We will witness a new surge of human fitness, people who are ready and know how to bring about positive change. Creating new grooves and organisations that are based upon spheres replacing the old pyramidal structures. Mother Earth and climate change will be another focus of this transit, ecological disaster personally and planetary is also part of the bill being given to humanity, it is all part of the purification process, burning off the dross and the emergence of what is coming to be.

For spiritual people it is going to be very important that you do not get bogged down with personal details and concentrate on the bigger picture. Many have stepped backwards to materialism and self-preservation, some people changed workplace and industry but did not really change the self, so have stayed stuck in self-interest of wants, needs and desires. Some are standing still, sitting in their own glory of accomplishment on a personal level, these people have bought one side of the law of attraction and think that all one has to do is ‘be love’ and the world will change, these people have more than a few shocks coming that will strike their foundations like a lightening bolt.

The Hierophant is standing behind the Hermit, there is no time left for sitting in your own glory, these people will be blocked if they try to go backwards or continue this way. The hierophant, the outer teacher is pushing you forward because humanity has entered a dark corridor and there is no going back now. Like Moses our job is to open up the crimson sea of emotion and lead the people through a new doorway into the birth of a new reality, it is time for action and purposeful movement. Your soul is the lantern of light that can guide others to see the way out of the mire that the planet finds itself in. One of the visions showed a person who was pure gold showing us the golden doorway that leads to the Golden Age.

It is imperative that spiritual people take positive action to help the planet during this transit; this is why you are here, to help change the face of humanity. Those that contract into their inner being will not ascend to the next level of consciousness, it is time for outward action and if you cannot lead; then it is imperative that you support those that can take their light into every dark corner of what this transit will churn up. It is no time to run or hide away from chaos or negativity, it is time to face it head on. It is the emergence and interaction with the outer chaos so that the whole of humanity can ascend into a new sphere of conscious aware living that is nurturing, compassionate, caring, sharing and loving - the way of the heart.

Saturn moves into Virgo on the 2nd of September and seven days later on the 9th it is the beginning of the end of a 9,000-year cycle of time that has focused on control, domination and the tribal traits of suppression and oppression of the feminine and its principles. Nostradamus called 999 the end of time, it is an emergency call. It is imperative that we begin this new cycle of time by exalting children to equality, it is up to us to crack open this golden egg so that children can flourish and fulfill what they have come to accomplish and reach their fullest potential.

Those that refuse to listen to the pre-destination of the soul will feel lost in the dark corridor. They will not be able to find the doorway into a new and positive life, they will find themselves increasingly isolated, restricted and hemmed in by Saturn in Virgo. Some astrologers have called this transit the ‘Black Madonna’, Black (Saturn), Madonna (Virgo), no surprise then that the Islamic Burka is a major issue. It is a time of tough love, symbolic of Shiva and Goddess Kali. Destroying and deconstructing anything that stands in the way of evolutionary progress. We can think of it as a time of justice and pay back time. It is perfectly arranged because the soul of humanity has chosen the karmic justice for good purpose. However, as always it is up to you what you choose and how you choose to benefit from this transit. Those that have worked hard serving humanity, selflessly, without attachment or expectation of return will be kissed with good fortune, it is their karmic reward.

It is a good idea to examine your personal chart to see what planet rules your sixth house and where Virgo falls in your chart. For it is here it will have its greatest impact on you personally.

Two days later, 11th of September 2007 (=1199) there is a powerful solar eclipse, so Saturn in Virgo is sure to go off with a bang and set many things in motion. In fact one could say that the big bang will last until 2010. You can sit back and watch the fireworks or you can take action to ensure that people do not get hurt. The soul is the lamp that lights the way and it is time to be a lantern for others. Just like a mother that gives birth to a child, she continues to guide the child so that they do not act indiscriminately, so that they do not get burnt in the fire. We teach children about danger and how to cross the road but we do not share with them how to come home to the heart of the soul, better late than never to communicate from the heart. Humanity is the child that is scared of the dark, imagine yourself as the mother, you have the ability to turn the light on and blow the demon of fear out of consciousness. The spiritual and emotionally immature are also afraid of the light, so balance is going to be imperative in making sure your voice is heard. One cannot shift the box until the box is ready to be shifted, the time is now ripe to shift the box.

It is growing up time for humanity and time to take responsibility for the social debt, there is no time to be pedantic or dogmatic, response is to be swift and direct; cutting away the root causes of discontent and disease. Health wise the intestines are the ones to watch under this transit and it is wise to cut out wheat and sugar. The liver and teeth will also be particularly vulnerable at this time. Divine Mother and Her Archangels is the perfect meditation CD for health, healing and retaining your sanctity of peace during this time. The Angels of the Presence are educating people how to overcome every life experience positively; to assist us to create a positive outcome during these end times. The patience of the Saints will be sorely tested during this transit, so let us hold onto the rainbow of hope and cradle humanity in our arms of love, bring forth the light of constructive strategies and practical solutions for regeneration and new birth. We can then become the spiritual renaissance in time for 2012.

Virgo rules London, so politically London is one to watch, the Queen and British media, those born in London will have the most positive impact on global events during this transit. Planetary influences are still in the I AM POWER solar plexus energy so events in and around Jerusalem will continue to impact negatively/positively on the rest of the world during this transit. People will continually battle to hold onto control against the sweeping tide of change that is overtaking them. The battle between different visions of how to create peace will come to the fore. The sands are shifting below the feet of those that do not have strong foundations built on the purity of love, freedom, integrity, heart of conscience, universal values and Spiritual Independence.

Let us send our energy forth to empower a shift from the solar plexus into the heart, so that humanity can emerge from this transit birthing a humanitarian heart filled with pure intent.

Let us intent that Jerusalem will live up to its name and become a beautiful vision of peace that can and will enlighten the world. May everyone join the human family and alienate themselves no more. May Jerusalem be the city, Israel the country that inspires the world by leading the way by returning the children to love. Let us intent that good harmonic order will emerge from the chaos triggered by Saturn in both the inner and outer world. Let us intent that the grassroots movement will create a new world for the children and the future of humanity.

‘When you do not understand just give it more love’




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