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320 toxics in human blood !

(NaturalNews) David Ewing Duncan, author of the best-selling Experimental Man, underwent several hundred scientific and medical tests, including toxicology tests, to see where he stood and what sense could be made from all of it. As part of the experiment, David was tested for 320 chemical toxins and the tests revealed he had 185 of these known toxins in his body. Of these 185 chemicals, 155 of them were in levels above the national average.

While 185 of these chemicals were found in his blood, he was only tested for 320 chemicals and there are about 80,000 industrial chemicals in existence. When you account for the relatively small number of chemicals tested for, and the fact that he had over half of them in his blood, one can`t help but wonder if the true number of chemical toxins in his, or the average person`s bloodstream, more likely figures in the thousands or tens of thousands, rather than in the hundreds.

Because the body is known to "hide" its poisons in its fat, cells, and other areas of the body, specifically to keep them out of the bloodstream, it`s also likely that the amounts of chemicals found by testing David`s blood represent only the tip of the iceberg.

In any case, to test a person`s blood for all of the man-made chemicals in existence would likely have a multi-million dollar price tag and has never been done at all. The price to test for just 320 chemicals is $25,000 U.S. dollars.

From all appearances, David is a normal man. He follows a reasonable diet by today`s standards. He doesn`t go out of his way to either avoid common toxins or have habits that tend to dump toxins into the body (like smoking).

It isn`t feasible for most people to do the extent of toxicology testing that David had done, but his experience clearly shows that even by following a normal diet and lifestyle, we can easily end up with a shocking amount of man-made and toxic chemicals lodged inside our bodies. Because while our bodies do have organs and processes to detoxify us, our bodies just can`t keep up with all of the chemicals that the average person puts into or onto their body - most days of their lives. And with the state of the planet, quite a few of them are simply unavoidable.

As a society, we use literally thousands of different chemicals in our foods, homes, and personal care products, yet most people don`t give them much thought. The truth is, who really knows the extent of the damage that all of those chemicals are causing us and future generations? It`s probable they are causing different problems in different people - and that different combinations and amounts cause different and unpredictable problems.

Perhaps these toxic chemicals in our bodies are part of the reason that 2.5 million children in the U.S. alone are on drugs for ADHD. Do you think it might be difficult for some children to concentrate with hundreds of known poisons affecting their brains and nervous systems? Or do you think it`s possible that all of these known poisons in our bodies might be part of the reason that 40 percent of the U.S. population is expected to have a problem with cancer? Keep in mind that many of these man-made chemicals, particularly the plastics and pesticides, are strongly connected with cancer in lab animals.

Even more tragic is that all too often the solution, at least in the U.S., is to attempt to manipulate symptoms by adding more chemicals to the body, rather than to admit the extent of and address the actual problem. In an age where most of the population has health problems (and we know these chemicals are poisonous to us and are trapped inside our bodies), don`t you think looking to remove these known poisons would be a good place to start?

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