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Star dust or Universal Consciousness ?! The big shift!

The New Frontier of Discovery
by Owen Waters

The Big Bang theory was originated by Edwin Hubble (1884-1953),
of Hubble Telescope fame. He first observed that the faster a
galaxy travels, the further it also is away from us. This led
to his theory that the galaxies must have all started in one
place and exploded outwards from there.

With the help of the orbiting Hubble Telescope, the size of
the universe is currently estimated at approximately 15 billion
light-years across. However, it is now calculated that the
universe must have needed more than just the initial impetus of
a "big bang" in order to manifest in the way that we see it

The theory of Inflation was later proposed to describe this
additional impetus. It states that an unknown extra force
inflated the early expansion of the early universe so that it
could become what it is today. While the duration of a big bang
event would have been much less than a microsecond, a period of
inflation would have lasted for at least 300,000 years.

The basic scenario of the Big Bang theory is that the universe
started out as something very small and then expanded outwards
to become what we see today.

That, however, leaves us with one great, unanswered mystery.

What Existed Before the Universe Came Into Being?

What lies beyond the envelope which contains the universe? The
universe was created by Infinite Being, the original
consciousness. It created physical space along with the other
dimensions which make up a working universe. These other
dimensions (measurable variables of existence) include time,
energy, and consciousness at the human level of expression.

So it makes sense that physical space would extend no farther
than the edges of the created universe. Beyond those edges,
there is only consciousness. Matter cannot exist outside of the
edges of the universe because it was the universe that provided
for the formation of matter.

There is no physical matter, no space, no time, and no energy
outside of the universe. So, what's left? What could possibly
exist outside of the envelope of the universe?


Consciousness is the next frontier of science. Everything in
the universe is made of it. Consciousness is the elusive factor
in the mysteries of quantum physics. It makes subatomic
particles manifest in physical reality. Without consciousness,
subatomic particles simply don't materialize out of the
pre-physical world of quantum energy. It takes consciousness to
manifest the illusion of physicality.

There can be nothing outside of the universe of space, time
and energy - other than consciousness.

The ultimate, and primordial, state of consciousness is
Infinite Being. Before Infinite Being created the universe,
there was only consciousness. In fact, there still is only
consciousness, because energy forms matter, and consciousness
forms the energy that runs the universe. The illusions of space
and time are but facets of consciousness.

Space, time and energy are merely props upon the stage of this
vividly realistic theater of life. Life is basically
consciousness, and only consciousness.

Science has progressed over the last 300 years as the result
of disciplined, scientific method and, in general, reliance
upon the physical senses. This outward focus, however, will not
serve science in discovering the meaning of consciousness
because consciousness is within, not without.

The development of inner consciousness is the new frontier of

This article was written by Owen Waters, author of
"The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness"

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