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If you want to heal, study FOOD !

If you want to heal ---- study food

Dennis Hardy ND

Feed the whole body

To be healthy your body needs a little bit of a lot of deferent nutrients every day. In order to get those nutrients you need a verity of pure (nothing added) wholesome (whole – complete-nothing removed) fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds everyday.

Deferent body parts (tissue, cells, organs, body systems) have deferent nutritional needs and it is suppose to get these nutrients from the foods we eat. Lack of any of these nutrients can cause disease or weaken the body and it will become susceptible to disease.

Deferent fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts have deferent nutritional needs and get these nutrients from the soil.

Every symptom is a sign of a shortage of a particular nutrient deficiency. When we know what symptoms signify what nutrients the body is deficient in and what) fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts can supply these nutrients no disease is any longer an anima.

We can feed a single body part to let it heal and we can at the same time we can make sure the body as a whole is supplied all the necessary nutrients for the best of health.

To get all the nutrients needed everyday you must eat the proper proportion of) fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. As follows:
Six cups of vegetables (one cup each of six deferent vegetables) of all colors. Two cups of fruit (one cup each of any two). One cup of any grain, and one cup of any protein
Or like this 60% vegetables, 20% fruits, 10% starch, and 10% protein, every day. And further your diet should be at least 60% raw food, 40% cooked foods. 80% alkaline and 20% acid.

As a rule of thumb fruits cleanse (but build also to a degree) and vegetable build (but cleanse to a degree)

I recommend two books that will teach you about food. If you want to heal yourself or others, STUDY FOOD.

Both books by Dr Bernard Jensen
Foods that heal
The chemistry of man

Read them then read them again and when you done READ them again


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