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Water vs.juices fasting

Here are some “Juice Prescriptions” often suggested:

Acne: Carrot alone, Carrot 10 oz. - Spinach 6 oz.
Adenoids: (same as Acne)
Albuminuria: Carrot 10 - Beet 3 - Cucumber 3 ozs.
Allergies: Carrot 8 - Celery 8 ozs.
Anemia: Carrot 8, Beet 2, Celery 6 ozs.
Angina Pectoris: Carrot 6, Beet 5, Cucumber 5 ozs.
Arthritis: Carrot 8, Celery 8 ozs. Grapefruit alone
Asthma: Carrot 8, Celery 8 ozs. Grapefruit alone.
Blood Pressure (High): Carrot 8 oz., pod of garlic.
Bright’s Disease: Carrot 8, Celery 6, Parsley 2 ozs.
Cancer: Carrot quart daily. Carrot 12, Cabbage 4 ozs.
Colitis: Carrot 8, apple 8 ozs.
Constipation: Carrot 8, Celery 4, apple 4 ozs.
Coronary Thrombosis: Carrot 8, garlic 2 ozs.
Dermatitis: Carrot 6, Beet 5, Cucumber 5 ozs.
Diabetes: Carrot 6, Celery 5, Endive 2, Parsley 2 ozs.
Diarrhea: Carrot 6, Celery 5, Apple 5 ozs.
Fever: Choice of apple, pineapple, grape, orange.
Gallstones: Carrot 6, Beet 5, Cucumber 5 ozs.
Hay Fever: Carrot 8, Celery 8 ozs.
Hernia: Carrot 6, Celery 6, Spinach 2, Parsley 2 ozs.
Influenza: Carrot 8, Celery 8 ozs.
Nephritis: Carrot 8, Celery 6, Parsley 2 ozs.
Nervous Disorders: Carrot 8, Celery 6, Parsley 2 ozs.
Peptic Ulcers: Cabbage 16; Celery 16; Cabbage alone.
Rheumatism: Carrot 8, Celery 8 ozs.
Scurvy: Oranges 8, Grapefruit 8 ozs.
Tumors: Carrot 8, Beet 8 ounces in combination.

Special properties of Juices:

Apple: healer of internal inflammation, digestive.
Beet: Cancer-tumor healer, blood-builder.
Cucumber: Alkalizes, mineralizes.
Cabbage: Vitamin U, healer of ulcers.
Carrot: Best balanced in vitamins and minerals.
Celery: Nature’s nerve tonic, alkalinizes.
Dandelion: Organic magnesium, for teeth, tonic.
Endive: Alkalinizes, rich in minerals and vitamins.
Kale: Vitamins A, B, C, rich in calcium.
Lemon: Richest in bio-flavonoids, lemon cure.
Parsley: helps glands, nerves, blood coagulation, eyes.
Tomato: Fruit, richest in minerals.
Orange: Rich in calcium, Phos., Vitamins C, A, sugar.

Water fasting cleanses the body and balances/regulates it. Therefore if you're underweight you will eventually at the end of the fast and metabolism regulation become the correct weight and if overweight you will lose weight. Of course you should stick to the correct foods and living (MUCUSLESS is ideal). Water fasting is perfectly natural and its the healing system our creators gave to us. Cats fast are you smaller than a cat? OBEY NATURE

Also what if the person has cancer like my mom would fasting be healthy for her cause if you are fasting wouldent you not get any nutrients/vitiamins/minerals if you are not eating?

Its okay harping on about nutrients your eating but the real question is what nutritants is she eating if any? Does she intake the correct raw foods and amounts? You see its okay saying these things but having them done is another

No you don't worry about depletions with fasting as this won't occur till seriously lengthy fasting. Water Fasting my friend is the most powerful healer in the world and I would fast if I had Cancer and I certainly wouldn't worry about that pathetic toxicity based disease. One of the first things a water fast will make the body eat up once into the Ketosis stage is tumours/cancer/rubbish/waste.

I never drink water cause I don't trust it I think they put poisen in the water like floride. I only drink soda or fruit juice from the oranges and lemons from my tree unfortnitly all the fruit is gone.

You should only consume the juice/water from Fruits, Berries and Vegetables. You should NEVER drink Soda and remember on that all commerical beverages have population control chemicals in the water they use and add. Soda is lethal what you playing at? I'd rather drink tap water than a soda pop, which is one of the most lethal things to enter a human body.

If losing weight is your main aim, then water fasting may not be the best way to achieve it. You can expect to lose +/-1 pound per day on a water fast, but it does slow down your metabolism, so there's a big danger in gaining weight back after the fast, if you are not disciplined enough to make a gradual transition into a normal eating pattern. If you say that eating one meal per day works so well for you, then why don't you stick to that?

However, if weight loss is not your only aim and you also want to cleanse your body and achieve more mental clarity, then water fasting is definitely a good idea.

I would first start with a 10 days water fast. I believe that everyone in relatively good health can easily do 10 days. If all goes well, then you can gradually increase: try 21 days, then 28, 35… The longest I ever did was 35 days, because by then I had already become pretty emaciated and weak. Of course, this completely depends on your starting weight. Generally speaking, I think that, as long as your body mass index stays above 18 or so, you will have plenty of energy and no problems to speak of. Well, perhaps a headache in the initial stages, or feeling dizzy when getting up too fast from a sitting or lying position, or even a faster heartbeat from the stored toxins that are entering your bloodstream, but nothing more serious than that. If you are used to eating low-carb, then that's already a plus, because you won’t have any symptoms from sugar withdrawal.

If you say that limiting carbs makes you lose weight, then I would definitely opt for a water fast and not a juice fast. I sometimes do 3 or 4 days on fruit juices or fruit for health reasons, but that makes me gain weight rather than lose it.

I agree that you should start by reading more about water fasting. Here are some interesting links:
















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