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Noetic sciences- mankind's better future of consciousness and responsability

What Noetic means?
What noetic sciences mean?
What is the new consciousness step forward bringing ?
What is the role of noetics in business, global governance, healing?
Why the integrated model, the holistic view ( matter, soul, spirit) is the change catalyst nowadays?
... and many other questions alike can be answered by each and put in practice with responsability by all.
As a member of IONS ( The Institute of Noetic Sciences), I invite you to visit the site: www.noetic.org. The Institute was founded by A. Mitchell, the astronaut of Apollo 14, who realized out there, in space and here, on earth, that there is more than just ... matter.

For those who want to go deeper in noetics, please follow the link :http://www.shiftinaction.com/node/140

For those who feel the use in their lifes to have a noetic view, or to benefit from noetic medicine and transpersonal psychology, plese, do not hesitate to contact me. My profession is healing, with soul and compassion, other souls, minds and bodies. I use my natural talents and gifts and my 20 yrs.of medical studies, which brough me thousands of special experiences, Live lessons from people, the best masters of my permanent learning.
For those who need details of scientifical proofs, please read the following article on the link below:http://www.shiftinaction.com/node/2685
For a better integrated life, for wisdom in matter, soul and spirit, each, all as one !


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