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What can be more hostile than death?

This was a question I was asked to answer by a person from Uganda, a wise one.

My answer was: GREEDINESS.
The punishment with death is an easy one, the worst one is the punishment with life, which one is not aware off.
Death is a natural process, a passing away in another time , but to live with greediness for material accumulation, egomaniac wishes, internal conflicts, external fights, illusions, lies, no love, compassion, empathy, means committing suicide without knowing, a horible disease, untreatrable one by usual means.
Greediness, mankind's nowadays disease is causing the main inflation we are dealing with : inflated egos.
The effects: discrimination, hate, wars, poverty, pains, chronic diseases, violence, sufference for the majority .

The only species which kills his own species for domination and when I say his own representatives I mean , his own entity( mind, body, soul, spirit) is HUMAN BEING.
We don't realize that we are a complex system, with 6 billions cells perfectly organized to work in synergy in smaller systems , each of them having an UNKNOWN LEADER, a one without the ego of being recognized as a leader, but with the consciousness and responsability of a holistic leader, for the wellbeing of the parts and of the whole system.

When a cell becomes GREEDY of having leadership power, not considering the whole's wellbeing, it's called CANCER !
To be against life's natural course is more hostile than death, in lifetime.
The natural life course means: PEACE, UNITY, SOLIDARITY= HARMONY
The oposite means death, as soul, mind, body, and the harmony is kept by spirit's other dimensions unity, peace and solidarity.

Seeing so much greediness arround I 'm thinking that these people don't live their lives now, but they hurry to reach the " life after", but in both situations, without the awareness, ( only with the illusion) that there are more leaders than themselves and in themselves, there are the UNITY , the HARMONY, the SYNERGY of a lot of subtle leaders, no name leaders, the real ones who REALLY ARE MEANT TO BE ! The born ones, not the man-made ones !
Unity in diversity - as ONE - as PLATO was mentioning the synergy between spirit and matter.

How many leaders are nowadays using these words in their election platforms? ALL of them.
Do we understand what do they mean? Do we all know what we are living?!
WHO is someone's best leader? HIM/HERSELF, if aware, awake, self-controled, self-managed, responsable, conscious to be born , live, act and lead only his/her own life as a leader of unity, peace, harmony of his/her own mind, soul, body and spirit.


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