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Mutants vs.non-mutants

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, December 19, 2008
Key concepts: EPA, Phthalates and Toxic chemicals

An EPA panel has issued a startling decision today. It concluded that the toxic effects of hormone-disrupting chemicals like phthalates need to be studied in combination with other chemicals in order to assess the true impact on human health.

What's so startling about this decision? That it took so long for scientists to figure out!

The natural health community has been warning consumers over the toxicity of the cocktail of environmental chemicals for well over a decade, but government regulators have insisted these chemicals only needed to be tested on at a time. For each chemical, the U.S. government established a "safe exposure" limit. You could eat so many milligrams of chemical A per day, plus a few milligrams of chemical B every day, and yet more milligrams of chemical C, and so on.

That's been the position of the U.S. government regulators like the FDA, which coincidentally uses the same screwy logic to declare that babies can safely eat melamine, Bisphenol-A, MSG, aspartame, mercury and any number of other toxic chemicals as long as the daily limit isn't exceeded for each chemical.

This "safety in isolation" approach has been a convenient way for these regulators to make dangerous chemicals look surprisingly safe. In isolation, one such chemical may not be so dangerous, but in the real world, consumers are being contaminated by hundreds of different chemicals all at once. And nobody -- absolutely nobody -- knows the actual resulting combined toxicity of these hundreds of chemicals that are now circulating through the blood of infants, children and adults.

So now, the EPA has remarkably reached the same conclusion everybody from the green living community has known for years: These chemicals need to be studied in combination to see what the combined effects on human health might be.

Interestingly, if they apply this same logic to medications, they would also find that pharmaceuticals become highly toxic when taken in combination, too. But that topic is off limits at the EPA due to political pressure. The EPA won't even declare HRT drugs to be an environmental hazard, much less actually study the environmental harm caused by pharmaceuticals. (Which just goes to show you, by the way, that even the EPA is still run by politics, not science.)

HRT drugs are showing up in the water supply, by the way, in case you're wondering whether they really are an environmental pollutant (of course they are!).

The chemical companies that make pesticides, food additives, plastics products and consumer care products are horrified at the thought of the EPA subjecting their products to real-world testing that could highlight the dangers of combining their chemicals. They will protest this, no doubt, and the EPA will be under intense pressure to limit its testing to only a few chemicals.

But if they manage to somehow resist the political pressure and actually do their jobs to protect consumers, I can already predict what these chemical combination tests will reveal: A massive increase in toxicity when such chemicals are combined. And not just generic toxicity, but infertility and genetic mutations caused by the chemicals.

The coming Genopocalypse

I've already publicly predicted the genetic wipeout of conventional consumers. People who eat conventional foods and use conventional personal care products are destroying their own genetic future by taking on gene mutations that are trans-generational (they pass from one generation to the next).

Many families living today are only 1-2 generations away from outright infertility due to the accumulation of genetic mutations in their sperm or eggs. I'm guessing that within 20 - 50 years, infertility in the western world will reach levels of 75%, and we will begin to see the laws of natural selection kicking in aggressively, removing infertile individuals from the human gene pool and delivering the future of human life on Earth to those couples that lived a healthful, green living lifestyle, free from exposure to toxic chemicals.

I call this phenomenon the "Genopocalypse."

If the EPA does the hard science on these toxic chemicals, it's going to come to the same conclusion I have: That the majority of western consumers are already too polluted to create healthy offspring, and the future of the human race on Earth is about to be seriously reconfigured.

I'll write more about the Genopocalypse in upcoming articles on NaturalNews. It doesn't mean the end of the human race, it just means the end of fertility for those consumers who bathe their bodies in toxic chemicals. Because remember this: The future of life on Earth belongs to those who can protect their DNA.

Most humans are destroying their DNA through the use of toxic chemicals in foods, medicines, body care products and other environmental sources. Those people will become victims of the Genopocalypse. While they won't die off, they won't be unable to reproduce, because any fetus that begins to grow in the womb will contain DNA mutations that result in the automatic abortion of the fetus by the woman's body (this is what most miscarriages really are; the woman's body detecting a genetic flaw in the fetus and aborting it).

Thus, we are about to enter an era of rapidly rising miscarriages, greatly reduced infertility and perhaps even an increase in the birth of mutant children who suffer from debilitating gene mutations but still managed to be carried to full term.

Mutants, it seems, will soon be walking the western world. But these are no X-Men. These mutations grant no super powers. They only cause suffering and death.

We are about to enter a new era of human life on Earth where people will be divided into two classes: Mutants and non-mutants. The mutants will be the offspring of all the conventional consumers choking down toxic chemicals right now. The non-mutants will be the babies born of green-living parents who fed their children superfoods, protected them from vaccines and used only natural, non-chemical products in their homes.

Watch for more articles about this in 2009

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