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Nutrition by E.Cayce


Edgar Cayce strongly emphasized the role of diet and nutrition in achieving and maintaining health. As a rule, his recommendations in this area are consistent with current health trends, which focus on fresh fruits and vegetables and decreased meat intake. However, his perspective contains much information on less well-known concepts, such as food combining, acid/alkaline balance, and the therapeutic use of food.
For example, Edgar Cayce often recommended specific diets for persons with particular problems. Individuals requiring nervous system regeneration were typically advised to follow a "nerve and body building" or "nerve and blood building" diet. Such a diet is essentially the basic diet recommended by Cayce for everyone. The diet is more alkaline than acid. There is a heavy emphasis on fresh vegetables that grow above the ground. Meat in small quantities is allowed with a preference for fish, fowl or lamb. In certain cases, organ meat (brains, kidneys, liver, etc.) were recommended in small quantities.
This type of diet will tend to improve and maintain eliminations due to the high raw vegetable content. In neurological and psychiatric disorders, Cayce emphasized the importance of the B vitamins contained in certain vegetables. Cayce generally preferred that vitamins be assimilated from food rather than supplements. However, he did prescribe supplements in some cases.

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The A.R.E. publishes a handy one-page condensation of the Cayce suggestions titled Basic Diet (Edgar Cayce Foundation, 1971) which can be conveniently located in the kitchen area to provide guidance in the choice and preparation of foods.

The Edgar Cayce Handbook for Health Through Drugless Therapy (Harold Reilly and Ruth Hagy Brod, A.R.E. Press, 1975) contains useful information on diet and nutrition.

Principles & Techniques of Nerve Regeneration (David McMillin, Lifeline Press, 1995) contains a discussion on the use of diet and nutrition in the context of nervous system regeneration.

Note: The above information is not intended for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. Please consult a qualified health care professional for assistance in applying the information contained in the Cayce Health Database.



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