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Incurable programs

Dr. John R. Christopher's
"Incurables Program"

Excerpt taken from the booklet "Curing the Incurables"
by Dr. John R. ChristopherThe following suggestions are for a persisting, chronic condition, not an acute one requiring emergency treatments.

First Week:

For the first week, drink as much fresh carrot juice as possible. Some people are satisfied with a quart while others need a gallon or more. Drink by chewing an eight-ounce glass or more each hour during the day for six days the first week.

Drink one cup or more of slippery elm gruel each day. The liquid can be as thin or thick as desired. With this herb, you take the powder and carefully mix it with enough water (preferably distilled) to form a paste because it does not mix easily. Then thin it to desired consistency by adding more water. A little honey can be added if preferred. In addition, drink one cup or more of comfrey leaf or root tea each day.

Twenty minutes before or after drinking the juice, tea or gruel, drink as much steam-distilled water as desired.

Herbal Formulas:
One cup or more of the cell-building tea should be used for the rebuilding of cells in flesh, cartilage, and bones. Also, take one cup three times a day of Blood Purifying Combination.

Take the following every day with some liquid:

Two or more #0 capsules of Lower Bowel Tonic three times a day. This is for regularity, as solids are not now cleansing the bowels.

Two or more #0 capsules of Nervine Tonic three times a day. This formula contains herbal nervines.

Two or more #0 capsules of Pancreas Combination, three times a day. This assists the lower bowel tonic.

Two or more #0 capsules of Calcium Combination three times a day. This formula is a good source of organic, assimilable calcium.

Breathing with Depth:
Learn to breathe deeply, as it taught in yoga, to get the breath of life into the upper lobes of the lungs.

We should use only natural fibers for the clothes we wear and also for our bed covers. Never use synthetic cloth for straining herbal drinks or for fomentation's and bandaging. Use only natural fibers such as cotton, wool, linen, or silk.

Releasing Static Electricity:
Walk or jog barefoot on the lawn to get rid of the static electricity in the body and to allow new electrical vibration to come from the atmosphere.

Three Oil Massage:
For the first two days, massage the patient with castor oil, using a clockwise circular motion from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet, always working towards the heart. The next two days use olive oil, and the last two days of the week massage with wheat germ oil.

On the seventh day, rest the patient, using no foods, herbs, or juice, only steam-distilled water as much as is desired.

Immediately after the massage, have the patient take a sunbath each day in the nude, not through glass but in direct sun. Only allow two minutes on the front and two minutes on the back the first day. Add two minutes front and back each day but no more. In six days you will be up to twelve minutes front and twelve minutes back. Do not sunbathe between eleven in the morning and one o'clock in the afternoon, that is, not at high noon. If it is a cloudy or cold day, use a sun lamp, but do not allow a burn.

Each day the patient should have a hot bath followed by a cold shower or cold bath. No soap should be used for the bath unless it is a good biodegradable cleanser. Each day before the bath, give a dry skin brushing (always towards the heart), using a natural bristle brush (not nylon).

Herbal Fomentation's:
We use an herbal fomentation each night of the six days of the week. It should cover the head area (hair line), down the spine, all the way down to the end of the tailbone. Make a cap fit down to the ears (or use a cotton or wool skull cap) and stitch a flannel strip four-to-five inches wide down the back over the spine area. After wetting the fomentation cloth with the B & B formula and lightly wringing it out, cover it with a plastic over the head (shower cap, etc.) and a strip down the spine.

To aid the motor nerve and spinal cord, use the B & B formula, inserting with an eye dropper four to six drops of oil of garlic and four to six drops of this herb tincture into each ear six nights a week. Plug the ears with cotton overnight, and on the seventh day flush out the ears with half and half warm apple cider vinegar and distilled water. Repeat this each week during the program.

Zonal Foot Massage (Reflexology):
If possible, use zonal therapy on the feet three times a week, leaving one day in between. Zonal therapy will greatly speed up the program.

Second Week:

The second week will be the same as the first except, instead of fresh carrot juice, substitute apple juice. During this second week use the Three Oil Massage, sunbaths, zonal therapy, fomentations, etc. With the sunbaths add two minutes front and back onto the final total of the last week.

On the day of the fast there may be some physical reactions because you have reached a cleansing cycle. This same cyclical reaction can happen in any healing program in the third week, the seventh week, seventh month, and seventh year. If a cleansing crisis happens at this time, be happy with it, as it shows the program is working well.

Third Week:

Repeat the full program, except instead of carrot or apple juice use grape juice.

Fourth Week and On:

Continue to rotate the three juices each week as before. If the patient desires more solid food, just add one solid meal each day. See the Mucusless Diet for meal guidelines.

Use no salt, sugar, eggs, meats, bread, milk, or milk products.

Case Histories:

In Mesa, Arizona, a young man in his middle twenties was brought into our lecture hall in a wheel chair. He was badly crippled with a combination of polio and arthritis. He was lifted out of his chair and placed on a pile of pillows. Looking at him, you could see the severe pain he was suffering.

During the lecture we discussed the program we have just outlined. After the lecture, he said he would like to try it. A practical nurse from another town offered to take him into her home and help him get well.

They followed the routine accurately and one year later we saw him again. Just before the lecture started, in the same hall as the year before, this young man walked down the aisle to the front of the hall and asked to speak. We granted him permission. In his short talk he advised the people to listen to the lectures and put them to use. He described how just one year before he had listened to this lecture in the hall as he sat on pillows. He had gained the desire to start on this natural program. Prior to that night he had been told he would never be out of the wheelchair unless it was to be in a hospital bed the rest of his days.

With the help of the kind nurse, he was now able to walk so well that he was traveling on foot, house to house selling, to pay off his large hospital and doctors bills. As he walked back to his seat, he had tears of gratitude in his eyes.

A young man came to us with advanced curvature of the spine. He had been told that the case was so bad his back would have to be broken in several places to fuse it, but with no guarantees as to results. He tried our program, and in shortly over six months, he had a back that was straight and perfect. He had regained the three inches he had lost with the curvature and is now 6'6” as before his curvature. He could now go back to yoga and the sports, which he enjoyed.


There are many outstanding cases, but these two can give you a picture of what can be done by following the Incurables program. Use it carefully and accurately for complete, long-lasting health.



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