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The main gift of a Visionaire...to be able to look foolish

There are 2 main Gifts I was born with which help in being the way I am: to be able to have a Vision and to be able to be foolish enough to stand up for it.
This ” being foolish” is a positive fact; I am aware that for my vision it takes many lifes to become reality in practice, but TIME is relative. Someone has to start and be foolish enough not to expect to live the concrete results.I am foolish enough to believe that people are or will be less coward; I am foolish enough to believe that LIFE IS BEYOND ANY PRICE, I am foolish enough to go on deeper for the truths (obvious for a lot), to believe that MONEY won't buy people to chase me, to threaten me, to stop me; I am foolish enough to believe that there will be a time when people will produce goods for the benefit of their lifes and not to kill and distroy their life or others; I am foolish enough to believe that integrity will be a respected VALUE and will be applied instead of corruption, which buys with Money people to lie, people to make harm to others, people to discriminate others; I am foolish enough to believe that THE HUMAN RIGHTS TREATEE, UN, WHO etc. are DOING WHAT THEY SAY AND MEANING WHAT THEY VALUE, NOT VICEVERSA; I am foolish enough to believe that man-made “diseases”, treatments, are not weapons to distroy people or experiment on lifes…. being foolish helps. I was born Gifted and I realized HOW difficult this burden is to bear. But The Universal Spirit doesn't make mistakes; IT EMPOWERED ME WITH GIFTS AND THE MAIN ONE IS FOOLISHNESS TO TRUST THAT LIVING IN ITS LIGHT AND TRUTH, IS MY MAIN SUPPORT TO LIVE MY VISION IN PRACTICE, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS IN THE LIFETIME.Being MORE THAN ONE, WE can make a difference for the TIMES TO COME!There is no other way, it's a one-way street!
HOW much MORE TIME mankind needs to wake up? For realizing that people who make a difference shouldn't be put first in prison, then offered a Nobel Prize for peace...and in between a lot of deaths?
HOW much TIME mankind needs to realize the LIES is living in, producing and maintaining, with and without awareness, and/or with a lot of money, transffered from those that produce something useful to those that produce the opossite?
HOW long we are going to live in a non-value LIFE system? We moove drugs from a place to another, we create NGO's , we so-call treat the addiction, we sell again...we buy again ...What's that? The same in cancers, in Aids, in so called threatening mankind diseases? !
Are we aware that all these we produce, we false-treate, we fear, we die, we keep the LIE alive, to keep money moving from a place to another, from a group to another group?

I don't know WHO is the FOOL in all this BIG picture? One like me, or all the rest?
At least I die for a noble cause, I die with awareness and integrity, not like a fool who doesn't make any difference in a lifetime, like "dust" in the wind.
We all are " dust", but I chose to be a spiritual one, a cosmic dust!


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