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Health Depends on "Good Vibes"

August 3, 2011

Laughter is the best medicine because it raises body vibrational frequency, & purges or neutralizes negative frequencies.

A response to..."Doctors Ignore Mental Causes of Disease" &
"Therapist Calls Homosexuality "Mental Illness"

By Kevin E. Abrams
(co-author of "The Pink Swastika")

The entire universe & every "thing" in creation is comprised of distinct vibrational frequencies - vibrating on its own unique wavelength.

AM & FM radio stations, for instance, broadcast on separate frequencies which are then "deciphered" & "attuned" by receivers.

Man, is created in the "Image" of God, which is His Divine "Frequency" to which man is more or less "attuned."

Negative emotions like hate, resentment & anger, lower or diminish the resonant frequency of our bodies, which makes us more susceptible to the function & design of a range of pathogenic microbial functions.

Shock, sadness, debt & loss, plus a lack of meaning & purpose in life, all cause our body resonant frequency to subside.

As therapist & Auschwitz survivor Viktor Frankl explains in Doctor of The Soul & Man's Search For Meaning, those who best survive adverse circumstances don't give up hope. They discover a deeper meaning & purpose to their experience.


In Nourishment Home Grown, Dr. A.F. Beddoe explains, "Each species of plants and animals functions on a certain frequency (vibration) - like a musical cord."

"Research by Dr. (Carey) Reams using the early oscilloscope revealed that the frequency of each unique specie is what kept that specie in existence because only animals and plants with the same basic frequency pattern were able to naturally reproduce."

Beddoe provides a sliding scale of life-form frequencies beginning with pure elements like nitrogen on the low frequency side, and (healthy) humans on the highest frequency side of the scale, with compounds, bacteria, insects, plants & animals progressively in-between. The Creator sustains all in existence through frequencies, which are encoded in His speech.

Beddoe offers a banana as an example. "The banana frequency calculated in the 1930s is .000(15). The number fifteen is written with parenthesis around it to show it holds a single decimal position. It so happens that in the banana example the (15) part of the frequency number comes from the number 1.5 which is 1/2 the actual chromosome number of 3 for a banana.

"The three zeros tell us the time, or how quick the atoms vibrate (circulate) throughout the molecules of the plant kingdom." What occurs in the dis-eaze process is this... When the vibrational frequency of a plant or a human body plateaus with that of insects or pathogenic microbes respectively, then the host becomes subject to their function. Microbes are pleomorphic (many formed) rather than monomorphic (singular in form), thus, a benevolent aerobic (in oxygen) intestinal flora may morph into a pathogenic, i.e., anaerobic (out-of-oxygen fermentative) function if the terrain becomes or is made toxic, acidic &/or dysfunctional.

"Indeed, a root cause of all dis-eaze, as captured in the title of a book by Dr. J.H. Tilden, is, TOXEMIA (of the blood) EXPLAINED. And of course, toxemia of the blood, largely originates in the intestinal tract, digestive process & quality of food, i.e., mineralization & enzymes. Whereas minerals are the building blocks of life, enzymes are the spark(s) of life in all whole, living food.

"When defective or damaged, all plants emit a distress or discordant frequency, which is received by an insect's antennae & deciphered for remedial action. Insects are, in effect, like all molds & rusts nature's perfect recyclers. They are actually the ever vigilant guardians of our food supply.

"Much like flowers attract bees, minerally deficient & vibrationally weak crops attract insects to perform their function, for which they are rewarded in our current system of adversity with death. In the modern denatured & minerally deficient food supply - an affect of depleted & poorly mineralized soils, human beings actually substitute, or are "substituted" by Corporate Interests FOR insects.

" Both modern medicine and conventional agriculture, are "allopathic" systems of cause and effect - systems of opposites that wage war against symptoms, while either ignoring or neglecting causes (terrain). As French microbiologist Antoine Beauchamp (correctly) observed, "the microbe is nothing, the (toxic &/or dysfunctional) terrain is everything."


For those challenged by cancer, you should first know its "purpose," or its cause. Cancer's natural purpose & function, is to recycle the body into usable compost. Cancer terms like "tumor," are interchangeable with those used in "mycology" - the study of molds, rusts, fungi and mushrooms.

Mushroom, for instance, can be substituted to describe the relative appearance and function of a "tumor." Both propagate similarly, and both perform the same function, which is to recycle depleted, abused, damaged &/or defective organic material into usable compost. This is in effect the carbon cycle, which is compromised or dysfunctional in most soils in which chemical fertilizers & pesticides are dispersed. So, if one wishes to know more about the nature and processes of cancer, simply study mycology. Note: It is in knowing the purpose or function of a thing, the remedy also is to be found.

All of the foregoing - health & dis-eaze, is tied in directly, & can be measured in frequencies. When a dis-eazed body frequency whether plant, animal or human, plateau's with that of the microbial kingdom, it becomes subject to its laws and function. Much to the chagrin of some, our world and universe is founded upon fundamental laws of cause and effect & order. As Dr. Norman Cousins personally experienced in Anatomy of an Illness, watching Marx Brother movies helped him recover from a life-threatening tissue disease. Laughter had become his best medicine because it raised his body vibrational frequency, & purged or neutralized negative frequencies.

Discordance of any type whether externally or internally induced, is a downward slope to discord and dis-eaze. Other pioneers in the field of frequencies are Royal Raymond Rife, who identified & catalogued thousands of microbial frequencies including the cancer microbe, and the eccentric Serbian inventor Nicola Tesla, who discovered alternating current and pioneered the radio.

Essentially, when man is in discord with Divine Conceptualizations and order, he will also by degrees, be in discord with nature & his fellow man. The word "atonement" means at-one-ment, or to be at-one-with. In other words, one must atone or (re)attune, to become complimentary, or at-one-with our Creator, one's fellow man and nature. This is our true role & place in creation.


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