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Insomnia and gallbladder stones

Got Insomnia: Perhaps You Need a Gallbladder Cleanse

Monday, July 13, 2009 by: Kim Evans

Chronic insomnia has to be one of the most annoying health problems around. Imagine not being able to fall asleep or stay asleep for nights on end. Your work will suffer, as will your general happiness and contentment. Unfortunately, 35 million Americans suffer from long-term insomnia, and slightly fewer experience insomnia occasionally. The medical establishment offers drugs to sedate you, and for mild cases some melatonin or sleep-inducing herbs like chamomile can help. But those with chronic insomnia might want to consider the root cause, and that often relates to your gallbladder.

In Chinese medicine, the gallbladder and sleep are closely connected, and problems with the gallbladder often manifest as sleep problems. Problems with the gallbladder can also be manifested in the shoulders, which can be felt as tight shoulder muscles, or even seen as feelings of resentment. In Chinese medicine, each organ is also related to a specific emotion and the gallbladder is commonly associated with resentment, which is essentially anger at a wrong that has been done to you.

Problems with the gallbladder are actually quite common, as mainstream 21st century dietary habits create them with ease. Diets with meat, white flour, and processed foods do the trick quite well. It's also theorized that a tiny bacteria or parasite might be at the center of each gallstone and that the body tries to contain the filth by wrapping cholesterol and bile around it, thus creating the stones.

Some experts think that most of the adult population has gallstones, although most don't know it. If your doctor finds them first, although it's rare for medical doctors to check the gallbladder for insomnia, your doctor will often recommend you have the entire organ removed. About half a million people have this done in the U.S. each year. Unfortunately, that sets most of them up for digestive problems and a much higher likelihood of being overweight, because your gallbladder stores the bile that helps your body digest fat.

A much easier way to remove those stones is to do an overnight gallbladder cleanse. The most common and effective gallbladder cleanse around involves drinking a couple concoctions of Epsom salts, followed by a drink of lemon juice and olive oil. While drinking lemon juice and olive oil sounds awful, it's really not that bad. Drinking the Epsom salts however, really is that bad. But when it's over, most agree that it was worth it. The next morning, you'll find the toilet filled with gallstones and if you had insomnia, there's a decent chance it will be flushed away too.

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