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"Thank God, the Earth is NOT moving !"

Heliocentric vs Geocentric view

This is still a very difficult thing for me to swallow. I've loved astronomy since I was a child and heliocentricity is "proven" to be just as factual as the sky being blue and grass being green. When I first looked into this it really disturbed me. I can understand why secular humanists are very militant when evolution is being debunked or argued against, it's not the science being argued against, it's their core belief system. If you dig deeper the root of it is pride, the fool doesn't appreciate being reproved. If I recall correctly, Chuck Missler believes in geocentricity.

If you want to see if something is true, it's best to first check with the Bible.

Here's some links you might find useful.

The Earth is Not Moving - Book

Static Earth

Fixed Earth

A Geocentricity Primer

A 23-minute video by Dr. Malcolm Bowden

Geocentric Universe - Celestial Poles (the Earth is NOT moving)


Here's some more info about this ...


to this PDF from Jubilee Academy : http://www.thejubileeacademy.org/marketing...lar_system1.pdf



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