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Ovarian cyst- natural treatment



A pouch or sac without an opening, having a distinct membrane enclosure, and containing fluid or semi-fluid morbid matter. This usually develops within an organ or a body cavity. [SNH p.14]


Calcium tablets are almost always prescribed for muscle cramps and throughout pregnancy generally, yet calcium requires the proper balance of phosphorus, silica and magnesium to be absorbed. Otherwise the free-radical calcium flows through the bloodstream, sometimes depositing in the forms of cysts and calcium deposits. [EWH p.48]

The body needs plenty of potassium chloride to keep the fibrin in solution and build muscles and tissue where needed instead of coagulating and forming fibrin cysts or tumors under the skin, in various organs, or in other words where we don't want them. [NL 1-1]

Herbal Aids:

Black Walnut Tincture: Dr. Christopher's Black Walnut Tincture: In breaking up a cyst, the use of walnut herbs (leaves, bark, or the green hull or dried pulp around the shell of the nut) are excellent. The use of chaparral may be used internally or externally. [SNH p.14]

Useful herbs: Apple cider vinegar, Brigham tea, burdock root, cayenne, chaparral, honey, mullein, plantain, sarsaparilla, yellow dock (ovarian or genital areas). [SNH p.14]

V.B.: Dr. Christopher's Vaginal and Rectal Herbal Bolus: One of the valuable procedures in the healing program for a woman is the vaginal bolus. The bolus is inserted into the rectal area. There are two types of bolus: one that dissolves at body temperature and the other acts as a poultice. The poultice-type is made with healing herbs to help draw the poisons and toxins; and to help break loose cysts, tumors, and cancerous conditions even as far up as the abdominal area as the bolus has a widespread influence, effecting not only the vagina, but also other organs, such as the bowel and the urinary tract. This drawing-type bolus generally consists of a group of herbs. [SNH p.503]

Dr. John R. Christophers "Extended Herbal Cleanse" Routine: This cleansing program is for the purpose of helping to purify the human body for healing. ...Clean the mucus out of the body, which is the problem source that develops polyps, tumors, cysts, etc. This is an entire program. More can be read at the source. [SNH p.514]

Castor Oil Fomentation: In order to get rid of hardened mucus in the body, which may appear as cysts, tumors or polyps, the following fomentation is to be used. [SNH p.525]

V.B.: Dr. Christopher's Vaginal and Rectal Herbal Bolus: Here is another excellent aid for the woman (or rectal bolus for the man) who have problems in the reproductive areas. Boluses are made with healing herbs that help (1) draw out the toxins and poisons, (2) aid (with herbal foods) in making the malfunctioning area healthy, so that cysts, tumors, and cancerous conditions will not have waste material to survive on or live in, because they are all scavengers. Herbalists have found that they will release and will be dispersed. Herbalists have found that some will come out through the orifices and others disperse into the blood stream and will be eliminated if the program is followed faithfully. (3) The bolus spreads its herbal influences widely from the vagina or bowel through the entire urinary and genital organs. The formula consists of one part each: squaw vine herbs, slippery elm bark, yellow dock root, comfrey root, marshmallow root, chickweed herb, golden seal root, mullein leaves. These herbs are all in powder form. Coconut butter should be melted down so that it will mix well with the herb powder. Mix a small quantity of this powder, and wet to pie dough consistency with coconut butter (which can be purchased from the drug store, health food store, or herb shop). Next, roll this mass between hands until you have a pencil-like bolus approximately the size of the middle finger and about inch-long pieces. Harden in a refrigerator. Then these are to be inserted into the vagina much the same as suppositories would be. It will be necessary to wear a sanitary napkin in order to hold the bolus up in the vagina (or rectum). Insert upon retiring and leave in all night, six nights a week. The coconut butter melts at body temperature, leaving only the herbs, and these are easy to douche out. [HHH p.191] The following morning use the Dr. Christopher Slant Board Combination: (Yellow Dock Combination) As an aid in prolapsed uterus, bowel, or other organs, to assist in giving relief, make concentrated tea (simmer down to half its amount) of six parts oak bark, three parts mullein herb, four parts yellow dock root, three parts walnut bark or leaves, six parts comfrey root, one part lobelia, three parts marshmallow root. Inject with a syringe (while head down on slant board) into vagina, 1/4 to 1/2 cup or more; or rectum, one cup or more; for prolapsus or hemorrhoid problems and leave in as long as is possible before voiding. Dose suggested is one fourth to one cup, one or more times in a day, and drink one fourth cup in three fourths cup of distilled water three times a day. When the tea is injected into the abdominal area and while on the slant board, knead and massage the pelvic and abdominal area to exercise the muscles, so the herbal tea (food) will be assimilated into the organs. [HHH p.192]

Potassium Deficiency: Hundreds of women have wondered why they have tumors and cysts in their bodies. The cause, according to Dr. Christopher, is potassium deficiency. When a patient takes plenty of potassium foods (not supplements) you can remove the cause of the cysts and tumors. Other foods, which are lower in potassium, must not be increased when you are trying to increase the potassium in the system. When patients go on the three-day cleanse and mucusless diet and take the female corrective formulas [Female Reproductive], they receive nourishment which is high in potassium. Miraculous things happen to them. For even faster results, you can add to each cup of herb tea six to ten drops of elderberry tincture or six to ten drops of black walnut tincture, both of which are extremely high in potassium. Cysts and tumors are like leeches, but they stay in places where there is a body deficiency. As soon as the body is balanced and well, the cysts and tumors have to go, because the material is too healthy for them to live on.

This is why so many patients brought Dr. Christopher cysts and tumors in various sizes that they had expelled from their bodies. There is not enough food, in the form of dying or deficient body materials, so they just decide to leave.

There are several ways to receive your potassium. Dr. Bernard Jensen sells a potassium broth made from dehydrated vegetables. Dr. Bronner makes a similar, excellent product. You can also make your own potassium broth by simmering equal parts of red potatoes, celery, carrots, onions, and herbs to taste. Raw vegetable and fruit juices also flood the system with potassium.

When cysts or tumors grow in places where they can be seen outside the body, often we react by having them cut out. This defeats healing by working on the effect instead of the cause. You can cut cysts out, tumors off, and burn warts off (which are also a potassium deficiency), or get rid of as many moles as you wish, but unless you go to the cause, they will grow back again, and you may end up with as many or more cysts, tumors, moles as before. Different signs of potassium deficiency will keep popping out on the body because the condition that needs correcting is on the inside. You have to go into the cause, Dr. Christopher always insisted, which is the way we have been eating. Other herbs used for cysts are corn silk, apple cider vinegar, wormwood, cramp bark, camomile, gravel root, slippery elm, wild carrot, and garlic. [EWH p.125]

Cleaning the Blood Stream: The blood of each individual is as different from that of another individual as is the iris of the eye or the fingerprint. As we build our lives for better or worse, so do we change and build our blood stream.

For many years we have taught that all disease stems from the blood stream. ...The impurities and poisonous waste accumulations in a boil are brought to that point by a blood stream loaded with waste and mucus materials, and to work only on lancing the boil is a case of "working on the effect", when one should clean up the blood stream, i.e., "work on the cause".

The same principle applies with tumors, cysts, dermatitis, cancer and most other isolated malfunctions. The weakened or injured areas accumulate toxic waste, because there is not enough vitality to discard this low vibrating material, and here we have evidence of "disease".

Instead of using just an external application, we have recommended to our patients that they also do the most important part of the entire program - that of going into the cause by cleaning up the bowels, the blood stream, and keeping this "cleaning condition" permanent. This is done by following the mucusless diet, as we explain it in "Dr. John R. Christophers "Three Day Cleansing Program" and Dr. John R. Christophers "Mucusless Diet"" booklet, using the three day cleanse each month, or more often, and by strictly following the recommended "fast" each seventh day. (Of course, on the fast, use only steam distilled water in abundance.) [This information goes on extensively. Go to the source for more detail.] [NL 1-2]

Dr. John R. Christophers "Three Day Cleansing Program" with Dr. Christopher's Slant Board Routine (V.B.: Dr. Christopher's Vaginal and Rectal Herbal Bolus and Yellow Dock Combination: Dr. Christopher's Yellow Dock Combination): With severe gynecological problems involving infection, cysts, tumors, the herpes simplex, prolapsed transverse colon, tipped uterus, swollen glands under arms and on breast, yeast infection, etc., the vaginal and rectal bolus may be employed. We suggest using the slant board routine as explained in the booklet Three Day Cleanse and Mucusless Diet. [NL 1-3]

Malnutrition: We have on file hundreds of letters from women who have received relief by this simple procedure of feeding the areas of the body suffering malnutrition.
By having a weakened reproductive system many things can happen to the body in retaliation. This is caused from weakened tissue inviting disease, cysts, tumors, etc., into the body. These are scavengers and must have toxic, low type cells and tissue, weak and dying organs to feed on. All this is the result of malnutrition! We must reverse the condition, strengthen the cells and tissues, making them so healthy they are to "rich" for scavenger diseases to live on. Herpes simplex, yeast infection, leucorrhea, flooding, cramps, swollen and painful breasts, miscarriages, inability to conceive, etc., etc., stem from the reproductive organs or systems being in an unhealthy condition. [NL 1-7]

Blood Stream Formula: Dr. Christopher's Blood Purifying Formula and Mullein & Lobelia: Dr. Christopher's Glandular Fromula: When there is any problem with the breast, and this should be noticed early, we use the fomentation of 3 parts mullein and one part lobelia over the affected area. It may be taken internally as well. Many Indian tribes have historically used a fomentation of poke root externally to help draw out the cancer. As with all cancers, they begin in the blood stream and radiate out to other parts of the body where they are manifested. The Blood Stream Formula can be used to purify the bloodstream, the nutrient transport system of the body. Cysts and tumors will not grow in an atmosphere where there is enough potassium. Elderberry tincture can be taken for potassium increase along with foods that are high in potassium. [NL 4-2]


Woman Heals Tumors and Cysts: When Dr. Christopher was traveling, using chiropractic offices and naturopath's offices, diagnosing, reading eyes, and helping with herbs, [a] lady ... came to see him. In addition to the prolapsed transverse colon infecting the entire reproductive system, it had impinged on the bladder, so that whenever she laughed, sneezed, or coughed, she would void her urine, a very embarrassing problem. In addition, one of her breasts was so infected that the doctors were urging her to have it removed.

Dr. Christopher told her he could give her advice as to what to do, but that he was traveling and wouldn't be able to guide her or see her for several months. She agreed to follow his instructions, and asked to see him when he returned.

He put her on the full program. She was to clear the bowel with the lower bowel formula [Lower Bowel], to clean the bloodstream using the Blood Stream Formula, and to rebuild the reproductive organs with the female corrective [Female Reproductive] and the hormone-estrogen formula.[Hormonal Changease] She was to continue the whole program, six days a week.

When he returned to that city six months later, she had called and prearranged an appointment. She bounced in, looking years younger, all smiles. She said her urine loss was under control now, with no unwanted voiding. She had no pains in the ovaries; in fact, she had dropped some stones from the three-day cleanse. She had also passed some tumors, one almost the size of a grapefruit, and cysts as well. When she went to the family doctor for an examination, he was astounded, because her body was rebuilding itself. The breast they were going to cut off had healed itself, with no more infection. She felt that it was a new world, and that life was worth living again.

Although she healed rapidly and consistently, Dr. Christopher pointed out that herbs don't work all at once, but you have to apply yourself and be patient to wait for the results of your hard work. [EWH p.113]

See Also:

Black Walnut Tincture: Dr. Christopher's Black Walnut Tincture
Hormonal Changease: Dr. Christopher's Herbal Hormone Formula
Mullein & Lobelia: Dr. Christopher's Glandular Fromula
Female Reproductive: Dr. Christopher's Herbal Aid for Female Reproductive Organs
V.B.: Dr. Christopher's Vaginal and Rectal Herbal Bolus
Yellow Dock Combination: Dr. Christopher's Yellow Dock Combination
Dr. John R. Christophers "Extended Herbal Cleanse" Routine
Dr. John R. Christophers "Mucusless Diet"
Dr. John R. Christophers "Incurables Program"
Entire Newsletter "Blood Stream - River of Life" [NL 1-2]

Cayce and Alternative therapy

Cayce gave twelve readings for six women ranging from 28-54 who had cyst like conditions within the ovaries and or fallopian tubes.
Causes sited were

1.Poor elimination which would lead to a toxin build up with bacteria possibly spreading throughout the pelvic area infecting the organs and forming cysts to develop

3.Nervous system imbalances


Cayce treatment varied considerably which depended on the severity and the nature of the particular disorder.
1.Mentioned most frequently were douches and the application of certain packs.Five women were advised to douche with diluted solutions of Atomidine,Glyco thymoline or both used alternatively.
2.Hot abdominal packs were also advised in five cases those being Castor oil, Glycothymoline and a combination of mutton tallow, spirits of turpentine and spirits of camphor.
3.Diet changes, which were to be alkaline forming, bodybuilding and easily digested, see cayce philosophy for fuller details.
4.Manipulations to improve the nervous system with emphasis to the hips and lumber area.
5. Colonics which were to aid eliminations.
6.Massage to relax the body, improve circulation
7.The violet ray was also recommended twice this is a high frequency device which cayce said was very beneficial for a whole variety of ailments.
8. A third case was advised to get into the sun more often.

Alternating douches of Glycothymoline and Atomidine have been used often at the A.R.E. Clinic for several female complaints. They are found in the Cayce readings for problems such as vaginitis, uterine tumors, and menstrual irregularities.

Cayce, like naturopathic physicians of today, recommended multi-system therapies in his readings. It is believed that optimal health relies on proper assimilation, appropriate elimination, sound diet with emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables which leads to optimal acid/alkaline balance, and ultimately working to find the cause behind the disease. This approach makes it difficult to recommend to anyone a single therapy for a single disorder. However, Glycothymoline/Atomidine alternating douches have proven useful adjuncts in the treatment of uterine fibroids, metrorrhagia (bleeding between menstrual periods), menorrhagia (excessive bleeding during menstrual period), menorrhalgia (painful menstruation), and vaginitis.
Atomidine is used to balance endocrine glands and support secretion and elimination. It is also antiseptic. Glycothymoline is soothing to mucous membranes and assists in alkalinizing the system. Alternating these douches works well to rebalance the system and helps to restore normal menstrual cycles and soothe the vaginal canal in the case of vaginal infections and irritations.
Anyone experiencing any of the above symptoms should seek the help of a licensed professional for a diagnosis of the underlying cause of any such symptoms (such as excessive bleeding, bleeding between periods, painful bleeding). Finding the cause is the fundamental basis of all Cayce readings, as well as that of naturopathic medicine.

Materials Needed:

Atomidine - 10 drops per quart douche, or as directed by your physician

Glyco-Thymoline - 1 teaspoon per quart douche, or as directed

Douche kit - a standard item which may be obtained at most drugstores

An Easy, Effective Treatment for Women
In his readings, Cayce recommended douches with Atomidine and glycothymoline. There were variations in the way this was given to individuals, so for the medical practice at the A.R.E. Clinic developed a standardized method for this treatment that seems to work very well.
The alternating douches of Atomidine and Glyco-Thymoline are used for abnormal conditions in the female reproductive system, including abnormal pap smears, yeast infections, cervical polyps, uterine fibroid tumors, and more. To do this treatment at home, you'll need to purchase one bottle each of Atomidine and Glyco-Thymoline (both are available through the Cayce Corner online store) and a douche kit that you can re-use.

How to Apply the Therapy Use the Atomidine douche on the first day and on the next day use the Glyco-Thymoline douche. Continue in this fashion for 7 days, alternating between the Atomidine and Glyco-Thymoline douches, then rest for 7 days. Begin douches again, starting with the Atomidine douche. After 6 weeks of the douche series (3 weeks on, 3 weeks off), repeat the pap smear or other test. Feel free to continue douching through your menstrual period. In fact, this therapy can make menses easier, often reducing or eliminating the symptoms associated with difficult menses or premenstrual stress

Case reports
Five of the six women reported that they had benefitted from this treatment.
One lady aged 37 had a cyst on her right ovary which according to cayce was caused by a problem in the spine which centered in the ninth and third dorsal vertebrae as well as the lumbar area.
Treatment involved application of glyco thymoline packs over the lower abdomen and pubic areas these were to be placed daily for half an hour for one week. After which three osteopathic adjustments were to be made. Following 6-8 adjustments mild diathermy treatment over the lumber sacral area was to be given twice a week. At the same time the women was to douche using glycothymoline and atomidine solutions on alternate days .Two tablespoons of glyco were to be combined with a quart and a half of water at body temperature. Dietary improvement recommendations were foods high in vitamins b1 and b2 niacin and phosphorus and a teaspoon of Zyrone was to be taken each morning. Following the cayce advice there were significant improvements her condition and within one month the discharge from the cyst had ceased

A practicing chiropractor located at Virginia Beach who was also using the cayce information and had a patient who was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst using ultrasound. The treatment used was castor oil packs five times during the first week, twice the week after. Adjustments to the spine five times first week twice the week after. Massage the spine daily with oil .A colonic was given after the first five days of treatment. The result, Pain and discomfort reduced by about 70%, palpable mass gone after about ten days.

From the files

BACKGROUND 3472-1 F 35
As my condition is of painful nature, and I'm urged by doctors and family to have an operation immediately. What causes my painful menstruation period, and how could I be relieved of the condition?

3472-1 F 35

Cayce found disturbances to the physical forces of the body primarily with the functioning’s of the organs of the pelvis, from a condition that existed some time back in the early periods of the

body beginning menstruation. At that time being out in the cold had such effect that neuralgia was experienced by the body. This set up congestion, being at the period, causing an irritation to arise that in the present causes disturbances through the period of menstruation. A cyst formed in the right ovary.

Apply Glyco-Thymoline Packs over the ovarian area, or the right groin, followed by the proper application with neuropathic massage, where the gland centers of the lymph circulation are stimulated to activity. This is better than a purely mechanical adjustment, though an osteopathic gynecologist might give good results, unless early operative measures are sought. If the osteopathic or neuropathic treatments are given, and there is the application of the
Glyco-Thymoline Packs in the areas of the pubic center as well as the umbilical center and the area of the sternum or breastbone, we find that there may be the absorption of this cyst. Stimulate the area of the upper portion of the hips, along the 4th lumbar and the point of each hip.

Before periods, or when there is pain, use a warm douche with Atomidine; but body temperature; using one part of Atomidine to thirty parts of water.

If the pain increases, apply a hot pack of Glyco-Thymoline at the pubic center, keeping the pack heated with heavy salt - not with the electric pad.

Do these and we may avoid an operation. Or have the operation done at once.

(Q) Would corrective exercises such as those suggested by Dr. George Taylor in his book "Health for Women" correct malposition of the uterus so that an operation would be unnecessary? (A) Corrective exercises such are to be done by the neuropath or osteopath. Exercises from Taylor will decrease or will cause segregation, with cayce we are tending to eliminate by absorption.

No relevant reports

5270-1 F 37
This lady had a mucous discharge from her vagina, for which she tried various treatments from the best doctors in the community where happened to be living. However, I still have the discharge, which according to doctors is keeping me from becoming pregnant. These physicians all say that I have a cyst on my womb or ovary. Some say I should soon have an operation, or I will have a cancer; others say it is not in a dangerous. This condition keeps me anemic with a low metabolism, although I look quite healthy.

5270-1 F 37

Cayce found conditions, which are disturbing to the physical forces of the body. These have to do with functioning of organs. Each organ is controlled or supplied from the central nerve and blood supply or from the combination of activity of the blood and nerve supply related to the sensory system. The organs which function under or through the emotions of the body, with the activities in the nervous system, all receive impulses for activities from centers along the cerebrospinal system from which they obtain their impulse, either from the impulses of the sympathetic nervous system or the cerebrospinal nervous system.

Great disturbance is found in the sympathetic, as indicated in a condition which exists in the brachial centers which are not supplying, through result of the blood and nerve for activities in eyes, ears, nose, throat and the activities in these organs.

Specific disturbances which come from the reactions in the organs of the pelvis, these reflexes
through the activity of the 3rd cervical and the 9th dorsal and lumbar area.

There has become a cyst or growth on the right ovary and this produces, from a lack of impulse of nerve supply, a tendency for a discharge often through the vagina, which becomes very disturbing to the body. This may be corrected or it may be removed by operative measures. It is preferable, however, that there be taken measures to dissipate it. For with the corrections, unless made to the lumbar and sacral and 9th dorsal and 3rd cervical, it would continue to give other disturbances. This will also bring corrections of those conditions for the sensory system using osteopathic measures.

Apply over the ovarian area or across the lower portion of the abdomen area, and over the centers in the pubic center, the Glyco-Thymoline Packs. Use least a half an hour each day. Use this for about a week, then have the osteopathic adjustments begun and at the time these are begun, begin and use daily the alternate Glyco-Thymoline douches and Atomidine douches. One used one day, one used the next day.

Osteopathic adjustments should be done with special reference to the conditions existent in the lumbar and sacral area, 9th dorsal, brachial center, 3rd cervical and of course, the 1st, 2nd cervical and about the head, along the nerves leading to the mastoid area, to the point of the chin, between the eyes, in the temple, these should be coordinated with corrections and massage given in the lower portions, then after six or eight of these, give the short-wave electrical treatment to aid in dissipating the growth.
This should be across the lumbar and sacral area - not over three amperes nor not longer than ten to fifteen minutes, given about twice a week as about the same as the adjustments.

Each period, when these are given, give the adjustments after setting up drainages, keep using up the douches, except through the menstrual periods.

Atomidine douche, use a teaspoonful of the Atomidine in a quart and a half of body-temperature water. The Glyco-Thymoline douche should have two tablespoonfuls in a quart and a half of body-temperature water. Use only in Fountain Syringe.

Do these and we should find the cyst being dissipated and will also improve lessen and then entirely eliminating of the discharge, the conditions in eyes, ears and all will be improved.

Take a tonic in that is called Zyrone. One teaspoonful each day, of a morning, at or during the morning meal. This will add the iron, B-1, Niacin, phosphate and B-2 to the diet in sufficient quantity to aid in reliving those tendencies for quickening of the pulse and lack of sufficient red blood cells or the anemia.
This will also prepare you for pregnancy.

REPORTS 5270-1 F 37

Had eight osteopathic treatments. But could not get the proper electrical equipment. My discharge, which doctors had been unable to check, completely disappeared after a month of following the treatments advised by Edgar Cayce: 8 osteopathic treatments, Zyrone and douches. The osteopath was the one recommended by EC [Dr. Lulu Waters Hare], the best I've ever seen. However, she did not have electrical equipment for dissipation of cyst. I could find no doctor who would follow directions for electrical treatment. However, I finally persuaded an osteopath in Va. to give me the electrical treatments. I was not very happy over his method, as he would not follow EC’s directions, but went according to his own ideas. But I have been feeling perfectly well,

I feel that had it not been for that wonderful experience, I would not have my lovely little daughter, nor would I have discovered the great subject of metaphysics.

Always as ever spiritual healing has the capacity to be very beneficial in all illnesses and well worth trying on this one too- see other pages on this fascinating subject.

Fuller details can be found in Reba Ann karps book encyclopedia of healing ISBN 0446 30981-8 which gives lots of treatments on all manor of diseases.
And the Edgar cayce handbook for health by Harold Reilly and Ruth hagy brod Harold had 43 yrs working with the readings Isdn0-02601960-4 Obtained from the cayce center ARE or the heritage store, Virginia beach

Books and remedies can be obtained from

Home Health Products to Request a Catalogue or place a Credit Card Order: 1-800-284-9123

The Heritage Store 314 Laskin Road Virginia Beach, VA 23451 To Request a Catalogue or
place a Credit Card Order: 1-800-862-2923

For more information about the A.R.E., visit

If you are a member of the A.R.E., you can purchase or borrow a set of Cayce's readings by calling 1-800-333-4499 USA
Or the Edgar Cayce centre up in Durham 13 prospect terrace, new Stanley, CO Durham, England DH9 7TR 01207 237696 ask for one of the circulating files on arthritis

Research from the meridian institute

Meridian Institute, 1853 Old Donation Parkway, Suite 1

Virginia Beach, VA 23454

(757) 496-6009

Ran by a team of doctors the meridian institute carried out a brief study on a few of the cayce treatments

You might want to also have a chiropracter check you out and focus on L3. For high levels of Potassium you can use organic blackstrap molasses.

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