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Natural remedies for dandruff

(NaturalNews) In the clothing world today, the colors navy blue and black are thought of as professional and sometimes formal colors. They are fun to wear and can create a good impression. That is...unless the look is ruined by shoulders full of dandruff. Take heart. There are natural remedies you can use to help.

Your scalp sheds its dead skin cells as does the rest of your body. An over-shedding of this skin on your scalp is what we know as dandruff. Dandruff isn't life threatening but it sure can be embarrassing!

Dandruff affects both men and women. It is not a respecter of persons. Both rich and poor can develop this scalp condition. Dandruff doesn't necessarily mean that your hair is dirty. Actually, quite the opposite is true. Too much washing could dry out your scalp further. But you also want to be sure your hair and scalp remain clean. Having this condition may cause itching and if scratched intensively, it could cause your skin to develop secondary complications such as bacterial or fungal infection.

There are wonderful natural remedies that will help eliminate dandruff. One such remedy would be in using lime juice. When shampooing your hair, during rinsing, use the juice of a fresh lime. This will not only help your hair to look shiny but will also help clean your scalp. Another remedy is to use white beets. The tops and roots of fresh beets can be boiled in water. You would then use this water to give your head a good massage. Try to do it nightly. Shop at your local natural health food store for an herb called Indian Gooseberry. Mix this with lime juice and massage into the scalp every night for dandruff removing properties. Cider vinegar and water mixed together in equal parts and rubbed onto you scalp may also help disperse dandruff.

An all fruit diet is best to follow for any ailment and that includes dandruff. You may add raw vegetables if desired. Staying fit and healthy is especially important when you are trying to cure a problem related to your health.

How much do you brush your hair? Well, it important that you brush it at least once daily and even better if you do it more. This helps to improve the circulation of your scalp and will also remove flakes. Massaging your scalp aids in improving circulation as well. Spend some time outdoors this summer in the sunshine. The vitamins from the sun help your scalp maintain health and will give you a healthy glow.


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