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Common sense recomandations for avoiding any flu

(NaturalNews) The recent news about the Swine Flu has created a media panic. While this strand of the flu has not been seen in a generation, there is no cause for alarm. All viruses behave in the same way, and most mutate during each flu season as well. The lack of immunity is not a cause for alarm. It IS a call for better diet and lifestyle. There are common sense health attitudes that will prevent the flu and help to heal the flu quickly. If symptoms persist or if a high fever develops, it is best to seek immediate medical attention. If normal flu and malaise symptoms are present, follow these common sense guidelines and let the body heal itself.

1.Bed rest
2.When you are ill, being active will weaken your defenses. This can make you susceptible to possible future complications.
3.Maintain a consistent room temperature and avoid changes like going outside, because this puts extra strain on the body.
4.Drink plenty of fluids, at least one quart of liquid a day.
When you have a fever, you lose body fluids through perspiration, and dehydration can occur. Also, you can get the nutrients you need to heal from liquids, especially if you drink soups or juices that contain nutrients and electrolytes. Chicken soup has been shown to be effective in treating colds and flu. Juices of both fruits and vegetables provide easily absorbed vitamins. If you drink soda, allow it to go flat before drinking or it may make you more nauseated. Do not drink alcohol as it lowers you immunity and can lengthen the duration of your recovery.

Suggested protocol for treating the flu

When you first feel symptoms and for duration of the flu...
Vitamin C. 1000/hour
Zinc- a few times a day
Cod liver oil- 1 tsp 2x a day.

Foods to speed recover of the flu
Chicken soup with cayenne pepper
Lemonade with cayenne and maple syrup
Hydrate with natural sports drinks that contain salt and potassium
Bland diet- white rice
Eliminate sugar, dairy, and artificial chemicals from diet

For fever
Elderflower peppermint tea

For sore throat
Carrot poultice
Gargle with salt
Lemon and honey tea

Foods to avoid:
Dairy products (cheese, milk, eggs, butter, ice cream, etc.) produce extra mucus. Also avoid sugar, soft drinks, artificial sweeteners, MSG, food additives, aerosol sprays, fried foods, saturated fat, white pasta and bread, salt, all sulfites and preservatives and processed foods.

Stay home and rest. Let your body spend its energy healing.
Stay warm.
Get plenty of rest.

See a doctor if symptoms persist of if you develop a high fever.

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