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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In March I transplanted a second year Mullein into my yard. Mullein is a biennial plant. Last year I had 5 second-year plants in the front yard. These five to seven foot soft giants dominated my west berm where they allowed me to harvest their leaves. When mature the lower leaves are eighteen to twenty four inches long. They are soft and fuzzy, giving this plant the nick name of "camper's toilet paper." The leaves give way to flowers about three feet off the ground, leaving the top three to four feet looking like a pillar of tiny yellow flowers. The flowers tell us about their family as they belong to the snapdragon family (Scrophulariaceae). The first-year plant is a rosette of large, soft leaves, which is not to be confused with Lamb's ears that have a more upright, pointed leaf.

According to one herbal author, Mullein is a household herb that has been used a very long time. The leaf tea has been used for asthma, bronchitis and all kinds of lung afflictions. In the area of lungs, American Indians would smoke mullein to heal the lungs. They also used this tea as a throat gargle, for toothaches and for washing open sores. The flower tea can be used to relieve pain, induce sleep and (in large doses) as a laxative. Some writers even felt that the fresh crushed flowers would remove warts.

I have read where the leaves or flowers when made into a tea were helpful for kidneys. I have used the leaves as a poultice for skin sores but due to the leaf hairs it is best to make the poultice and have something next to the skin other than the leaf. The woolly leaves can be used as an emergency bandage while in the wilderness.

My very personal experience with Mullein started when I was told by one of my teachers, "If an organ is dead, it will decay and poison the body. Surgery will be need. If it isn't dead, heal it!"

I took that to heart. I had been taking Synthyroid for 15 years. I also had been told by the medical community that I would need to take this for the rest of my life. My thyroid wasn't dead, just not working. How was I going to heal it?

In one of Dr. John Christopher's lectures, he mentions that 3 parts of Mullein and one part of Lobelia heals glands. He was talking about the lymph system at the time. He created this formula for the purpose of healing glands. My thyroid is a gland; I just had to try this.

I decided to see what would happen if I took one Synthyroid tables and one Mullein and Lobelia capsule as day. I did this for forty days as it sounded like a good time period to start some healing. I wondered how these herbs would know which gland to help first. Maybe all my glands needed healing? Dr. Christopher did say that Lobelia, being a "thinking herb" would direct it to the place most needing help.

Being a person of faith, I set off on my adventure but in the back of my mind I worked out Plan B. (Always have a plan B.) How will I know if it has healed? I remembered the enlargements in the throat area and the headaches from my jaw to the top of my head before Synthroid. If these symptoms returned I would retreat back to my "Pills".

I must remind the reader that healing without feeding is futile. The thyroid needs iodine to function. Along with the chemical pills and herbal capsules, I was feeding the thyroid organic iodine. Mullein and Lobelia will not do this. Organic iodine is found in kelp and black walnut tincture. I chose to take one kelp capsule a day during this period.

In Hanna Kroeger's book, "God Helps Those That Help Themselves" I learned that Sodium Fluoride is detrimental to the thyroid. It was a good time to find a new toothpaste. I learned that the body need calcium fluoride to stay healthy not sodium fluoride.

All of this happened in the early 1990's and I have only had one problem since then. When I find myself getting tired more than usual, I know that it is a thyroid problem. Then it is time to work on that area of my body.

Last year I had an accident and bruised a knee. The Chiropractor told me that the end of the leg bone was saturated with blood like a sponge. That is why I had trouble walking on it. I knew that I was going to have to work on the lymph system to get this old, dried-up blood out so the leg could heal. It was back to this formula. Lobelia would know where I needed the Mullein the most.

Being able to help myself to good health is wonderful.

In truth, herbs do not heal but furnish the area with all the building blocks needed to heal. They also clean out toxins and unneeded properties allowing the cells to regenerate according to God's plan (DNA/RNA)

Learning about herbs is a lifelong study with 200,000 medicinal herbs and all of them can be used for so many things. It is nice to find a few friends that one can count on like Mullein



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