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Astronomy, astrology(ezoteric) and the events on Earth- News alers!

If we look westward, just as the sun is setting, we can see three bright objects in the sky. These will be visible through the first half of September 2008. The objects, as previously mentioned, are Mercury, Venus, and Mars. These objects will form a perfect isosceles triangle on September 1st. Then, something very peculiar begins to happen. Mars and Venus begin to move closer and closer to each other. In the occult world, Mars means war, and Venus means erotic love or false peace. Then on September 11th, 2008, exactly seven years to the date after the World Trade Center was attacked, Mars will appear to slam into Venus. The two objects do not actually collide, but they appear to as a sign in the heavens. As I seek the Lord in watching unto prayer, I sense a great and deep foreboding that seems to come from everywhere. Those who have binoculars can watch this event at sunset in the western sky. What great event is the Lord warning us about? Soon we will know!

Venus is the Goddess of War, Death and Creation. So we shall expect something big to happen on this date, weather a proper war, false flag or economic problems.

September 11th 2008 is exacly on a Thursday, the same day as in 2001, when the Twin Towers collapsed !

Is is only a " co-incidence" ( I didn't make a mistake in spelling!)

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