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Cancer linked to preservatives

Folks Breast, Prostrate and Ovarian Cancers are mostly caused by all these fake xeno-estrogens all around us. Some Prostrate problems are linked to various preseratives.

Breast Cancer Risk Tied to Gene Variants by Decode Scientists

By John Lauerman

April 27 (Bloomberg) -- Two common genetic variants can increase by more than 50 percent a woman's chance of having breast tumors that grow in response to the female hormone estrogen, scientists said today.

About three-quarters of breast cancers have proteins on their surfaces, called receptors, that respond to estrogen. Scientists from DeCode Genetics Inc., a Reykjavik, Iceland-based DNA testing company, helped lead an international research team that identified the variants on chromosome 5 in a study reported today in the journal Nature Genetics.

Testing may show which women might benefit from preventive treatment with hormone-blocking drugs such as tamoxifen, said Decode Chief Executive Officer Kari Stefansson. Women who test positive for the variants may also get more frequent screening for breast cancer, DeCode said.

``These are highly clinically relevant variants,'' Stefansson said in a telephone interview. ``We are discovering the genetic underpinnings of a significant portion of estrogen- receptor-positive breast cancers.''

More than 182,000 women are expected to develop breast cancer this year, making it the most common tumor in women after skin cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. Rates fell from 2001 through 2004, possibly because fewer women are taking hormone drugs following a 2002 study that linked them to heart disease and breast cancer, the group said on its Web site.

The international team led by DeCode's Simon Stacey analyzed the genes of 40,000 people with and without breast cancer. The scientists combed the genes for variations in DNA called single-nucleotide polymorphisms, or snips.

Human Genome

The human genome is a code for making protein that's written in four chemicals called bases, represented by the letters A, C, G and T. Snips are single-letter variations in that code, such as the substitution of an A for a G.

Patients with estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer were more likely to have the two substitutions on chromosome 5. The variants may be linked to a gene, called MRPS30, that is responsible for killing flawed or abnormal cells, the study said.

Scientists in California, Hawaii, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Nigeria participated in the study.


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