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The safest chocolate to enjoy!

Should be the highest Cocoa percentage available and WITHOUT sugar.

CocoaVia dark chocolate lowers blood pressure and cholesterol level

03/27/2008 16:10 Source:

At first sight chocolate has nothing to do with healthy heart, low blood pressure and low levels of cholesterol, but a dream comes true.

The University of Illinois and Mars Inc. created a special chocolate that is safe for your health and even may improve it. It’s called CocoaVia dark chocolate and should be used as a balanced, low-fat diet.

What makes these bars so special? The answer is the ingredients. They contain cocoa flavanol and plant sterols or natural plant extracts.

49 people with high levels of cholesterol took part in the study. In comparison with ordinary dark chocolate, CocoaVia has excited significant decrease of cholesterol levels – total number is 2 percent, while "bad" cholesterol figures are 5.3 percent.

The consumption of Flavanol-rich chocolate also showed the reduction of blood pressure by 5 percent after eight weeks.


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